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PetCopywriter Report - 5 Crucial Content Elements

This White Paper/Special Report is offered to pet and veterinary marketing professionals

Dear Pet-Industry Marketer,

It takes guts to be a pet marketer in today’s super-competitive Internet world, don’t you think? Let’s face it: on any given day, anyone can see how your company is performing in search rankings. Web traffic and online sales are easily measured, and your site’s success ultimately rests on you.

So – does your site consistently beat the competition in Google rankings? When visitors land on your pages, are they ultimately buying something or signing up to do business with you? Or are you missing the mark and wondering why your bounce rate (abandon rate) is so high?

Unless you know – beyond a shadow of a doubt – how to create content that drives more buying customers to your site, you could be missing out on loads of potential revenue.

Do you know what’s really working online today for driving profitable traffic to pet-related consumer and B2B websites? You will when you read this FREE report:

The 5 Crucial Web Content Elements That Really Drive Results…
And How Most Pet Websites Are Missing Them!,, and other web industry insiders frequently track and measure what works online. This report includes their findings and easy to follow, step-by-step instructions on how to get more buying traffic flowing to your site.

You’ll discover the best practices most pet marketers are missing, giving you a competitive edge if you make adjustments to your web content.

It just may be the secret to your company getting a bigger share of the $69.3 billion being spent on pet products and pet care in 2017. [Source: American Pet Products Association]

Here’s what you’ll see in the report:

  • The #1 factor influencing whether or not people find your website among the millions of pet-marketing pages on the web
  • How to easily make sure your site lets prospects know you offer the BEST pet solutions available … giving them lots of reasons to choose your products and services instead of your competitors
  • The simple fix that can increase your web conversions by 150%
  • How to avoid the top 3 barriers that sabotage websites, turning buyers away in droves
  • The surprising web content revision strategy that outperforms previous content by 81.87%
  • Where exactly to put your most important web content and boost response
  • Data from trusted independent third parties, specifically,,, renowned web usability expert Jakob Nielsen – and more.

What else does this report give you?

In addition to this critical web-success insight, this report gives you the one thing most successful pet marketers swear by as being key to their success: access to expertise. Great leaders surround themselves with experts who make their jobs easier, and make them look good.

That’s exactly what I’ll do for you. I’m Dr. Tammy Powell of… and I’m an SEO-trained copywriter and marketing consultant specializing in marketing targeted to pet owners, veterinary practices, and pet retailers. I’ve received special recognition from American Writers and Artists, Inc for my content writing. And I make pet marketing professionals like you look very, VERY good.

You can learn more about my background in helping pet marketers at any time on this website, but for now, soak up the information I’ve prepared for you in my FREE report:

The 5 Crucial Web Content Elements That Really Drive Results…
And How Most Pet Websites Are Missing Them!


Once you take a look, you’ll discover what makes smart websites work … why most sites just flounder around… and what you can do now to increase traffic and online sales.

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Dr. Tammy Powell, DVM
Veterinarian, SEO-Trained Copywriter, and Web Content Consultant