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Web Content Audit and Discovery Report 

Let us conduct a site-wide Strategic Content Audit to review your messages, reveal our findings and recommend SEO/sales copy strategies for success.'s 43-point Web Usability Checklist for Websites that Work

Dr. Tammy uses this checklist to identify what’s working on your pet or veterinary website, and opportunities to improve

Whether you’re marketing pet products or services, veterinary supplies, or veterinary care… you can expect us to uncover new opportunities to improve your website results.

These findings can make a tremendous difference in your competitive positioning, traffic, and leads or sales.

That’s because we follow what’s working today in the areas of:

  • Improving search engine rankings,
  • Attracting more prospects via search results,
  • Keeping visitors on your site when they arrive,
  • Guiding them quickly to the solutions they seek, and
  • Converting more of them into paying customers for your business.

Here’s what our thorough, Strategic Content Audit provides:

FIRST — A thorough review of your site’s content, measuring it against web best practices 

We evaluate your web pages using our 43-Point Usability Checklist and The 5 C’s Content Guide™ for Pet-Industry Web Pages That Work (from looking specifically to see if your site is:

  • Customer-focused: Speaking to visitors 1-on-1 with solution-oriented messages
  • Competitive: Using the most relevant SEO keywords and sales copy to differentiate you from your competition
  • Clear: Offering helpful, scannable information within a user-friendly structure
  • Conversion-optimized: Guiding visitors with offers and links that generate action
  • Consistent: Connecting all pages with a constant brand voice and SEO approach

NEXT — A detailed report of your site’s strengths and opportunities 

You’ll receive a substantial written document covering your specific strengths and opportunities for improvement. This report will include screen shots indicating:

  • What’s working on your web pages and what can be improved
  • Where you rank in search engines, what’s displayed when your pages appear in search results
  • How your competitors compare in search results and web-content strength

ULTIMATELY — Your customized Content Strategy to boost SEO traffic and site conversions

We’ll review the report with you and discuss strategic ways to improve your results across all pages or in the most critical sections of your site.

Find out if a Strategic Content Audit can make a huge difference to your pet or veterinary website.

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