Use our formula to attract more buyers to your pet or veterinary website

Start with the most relevant pet SEO keywords people use to search for your solutions online, and ethically weave them into delightful, sales-boosting web page content. web-SEO content, written by's Pam Foster was optimized with the web-SEO content skills of

Sounds fairly simple, right? But this seemingly basic formula is overlooked, ignored, or misunderstood by many, many companies in the pet industry and veterinary practice community —

possibly even your competitors, and yes, even some of the largest pet brands in the world.

Leap ahead of the competition with a Certified SEO Copywriter who knows how to apply this formula in the pet industry.

When we optimize your core content and then add fresh, appealing content each month, you can reach more visitors, delight the heck out of them, and convert them into eager buyers and loyal fans.

Choose from 2 pet content-marketing plans for your website’s success.


Start with a strategic sweep of your site’s main pages, optimized for SEO and sales

Since all roads lead to your core website… clear, customer-focused sales copy is the #1 factor in whether visitors stick around or leave.

As a copywriter with SEO training, Dr. Tammy puts a great deal of thought and planning into optimizing each page with relevant, competitive SEO keywords and messages that drive more traffic, boost click rates and increase leads or sales. Includes keyword research. This blog post explains pet SEO and what goes into optimizing your content.

Core pages may include the following: HOME, ABOUT US, SERVICES, FAQ, PRESS, CONTACT


Discounts are available for 6-month and 12-month commitments

To make sure your pet or veterinary web site continues ranking well in search engines, we’ll map out a customized monthly plan to add high-quality audience- and search-friendly content. This work also includes keyword research.

Then, Dr. Tammy will use her SEO copywriting skills, as well as veterinary and pet-industry knowledge, to write pages for your top keywords and target audience, ensuring consistency with internal links across your other site pages to properly send visitors to your “money pages.”

Monthly content may include the following: blog posts, articles, press releases, case studies, bios, and more… even mobile apps!

With both plans, you’ll receive exceptional content, designed to drive more business.

We follow web best practices, using the ContentClear Method to Website Optimization and’s 5 C’s Content Guide for Pet-Industry Web Pages That Work to write content that is:

  • Customer-focused: Speaking to visitors 1-on-1 with solution-oriented messages, whether you’re marketing pet products, pet services, or veterinary supplies 
  • Competitive: Using the most relevant SEO keywords and web page sales copy to differentiate you from your competition 
  • Clear: Offering helpful, scannable information within a user-friendly structure
  • Conversion-optimized: Guiding visitors with offers and links that generate action
  • Consistent: Connecting all pages with a consistent brand voice and SEO approach

Visit our Methods page for details on how we develop on-target pet marketing strategies and web-SEO content. Or visit our FAQ page for further insights.

Or if you’re ready to enjoy the many benefits of optimized content…

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