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Your 10-Second Solution For a More Profitable Pet Website

Find out if your pet or veterinary website passes the First Impression Test so you can race ahead of the pack.

Special Report on Pet Website Success

Download our FREE REPORT to see if your pet website passes the crucial First Impression test

Studies are showing that people often spend just 10 seconds or less on your pet website to decide whether or not they’ll stick around and do business with you…

or move on to visit your competitions’ websites.

And, in that short time on your site, 80% of those visitors will only look at your Above the Fold area (the first screen they see) when making crucial decisions about your site.

This means you have 10 seconds or less to make a magnetic First Impression.

We recently conducted an audit of 303 pet and veterinary business websites to see how they fared in meeting the top 5 criteria for a great First Impression.

Surprisingly only 1 in 6 passed the test.

This means there’s plenty of opportunity for those who update their content to attract more visitors and sales.

For instance, if you update your content to improve your First Impression and your competition doesn’t adjust their content… you can race ahead of the pack.

How does your pet or veterinary website measure up? Find out with our FREE REPORT.

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Special Report Your 10-Second Solution for a More Profitable Pet Website