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with Case Studies and White Papers/Special Reports

Pet and veterinary companies of all sizes are increasing leads and sales via these helpful tools.

PetCopywriter Report - 5 Crucial Content Elements

This White Paper/Special Report has been offered to pet and veterinary marketing professionals

Pet parents, pet businesses, veterinary practices, and others are eager to find trusted solutions to their needs. And as you may know, case studies, special reports, how-to ebooks, guides, and other white papers are very effective in providing great information about your unique solutions or tools.

For example…

  • A pet parent may be looking for positive-reinforcement training ideas.
  • A veterinary practice manager may be ready to go paperless, but isn’t sure how the transition will work.
  • A pet retailer may be searching for an easy-to-manage customer loyalty rewards program.
  • A pet owner may need guidance on finding a lost pet.
  • Or, a veterinary manufacturer may be considering new trade show vendors.

These are all examples of topics you could cover in a case study or special report. By offering prospects the following helpful guides — you can position your business as the best choice for their needs.

Case Studies: Proof that your pet business rocks

We create documents showcasing the benefits of your products or services through real-world success stories including compelling before/after “snapshots,” customer testimonials, statistics (if applicable) and more.

Consider how authentic customer success stories will set you apart from the competition, by creating social proof. 

White Papers/Special Reports: Showcase your veterinary company as the hero

This valuable lead-generation document positions you as the authority on topics related to your business. For example, let’s go back to the paperless practice. If you sell a paperless-practice software system, you could provide a Special Report on “The 5 Easiest Ways to Transition to a Paperless Practice.”

Imagine how this type of report will position you as the most helpful resource.

Hire a skilled pet copywriter to create these powerful tools for you.

Dr. Tammy Powell, owner of, is an experienced and engaging writer with a special insider knowledge of the pet and veterinary industries. She understands the ideal formats for these marketing tools.

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