For a high-performing pet or veterinary website,
develop a Content Style Guide 

Your Guide will ensure clear and optimized content across your entire site.

Pet Copywriter Web Content Guide Persona Excerpt

A Persona Excerpt from a Pet Copywriter Web Content Guide

Does this sound like your website?

  • You or your staff writes your product pages.
  • Your IT professionals add “how to” content.
  • Guest writers post articles on specific topics.
  • Your customer service employees write the service pages.
  • Someone else provides promotional campaign landing pages, banner ads, and other content.

The result? Your website could be full of pages that seem disjointed from your brand. Or worse yet, they confuse visitors and drive them away.

Here’s a smart way to avoid this problem—

A Web Content Expert, trained in SEO and Direct-Response Copywriting, can help you create a clear web “voice and message” roadmap for your pet company or veterinary website.

With a Content Style Guide, all content contributors consistently know how to write content that grabs site visitors, meets their needs and converts them into paying customers.

But why is consistency important?

As you can imagine, local, regional, and state government websites must have content guides to ensure consistency across their sites. From the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s web content branding guide, which includes time-tested direction for all web content contributors within this enormous and multi-faceted organization: 

Internet success is rooted in content through the ability of a website to be comfortable, intuitive, consistent and trustworthy. By addressing these needs, websites will be more apt to achieve ongoing success with their audiences.”

This is why larger companies, universities, nonprofits, government departments, and other organizations often prepare a Content Standards Guide based on a clear content strategy so all contributing copywriters can follow the same direction, page by page.

Dr. Tammy Powell, a Veterinarian and SEO-trained Copywriter, will create your custom Content Style Guide with the following components:

  • A Profile of Your Ideal Customer, outlining exactly who you’re trying to attract and what they’re looking for on your site (use Customer Personas if possible)
  • Your Unique Competitive Position, clearly articulating the unique solutions and benefits your company offers, and how your solutions are better than anything else available
  • Your Brand Voice, describing the tone and style of your content messaging; how your brand “speaks” to customers and prospects about what’s in it for them (this includes acceptable uses of industry jargon)
  • Your Content Structure, spelling out the ways your company treats headlines, subheads, bullets, call-to-action buttons, graphics and captions, and other page elements
  • Your Content Styles, including fonts and text sizes, use of color in the content, hyperlink style, and more

Let’s explore the ways a Content Style Guide can help you.

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