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If you’re curious about the ways an experienced pet content marketing writer and advisor can improve your website’s search engine results and sales, these answers may help.

Q: “What is… and what does it do for pet-industry marketers?

A: First, we’d like to let you know that THIS IS A REFERRAL SERVICE. This means that founder Pam Foster will connect you with a highly skilled pet copywriter, blogger, content-marketing advisor or other resource that’s perfect for your business needs.

How does Pam know which writers will be best for you? Experience, gut feeling and a great track record — all based on her own extensive copywriting background. Learn more about Pam through the following VIDEO TRANSCRIPT (you’ll find our video on the Home Page.):

“Hi there –

I’m Pam Foster, Certified SEO Copywriter and web consultant for the pet and veterinary industries.

As you may know, strategic content marketing is more important than ever to help you set yourself apart from the competition, attract more customers, and grow your profits.

Allow me to help you make sense of it all… so you can get exciting results.

LifeLearn,, IDEXX,,, LL Bean Dog Products, and many other smart marketers use optimized content to make more money.

Based on my 30 years of marketing communications experience, 14 of them in the pet industry, here’s a quick look at the type of work you can count on me to do for you:

Website optimization, email campaigns, blog posts, and many other types of content.

You’ll find my writing in this veterinary-industry magazine. (Vet Advantage Magazine)

And this is a marketing how-to guide I’ve just co-written for pet and veterinary marketing professionals. (Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry)

So what does all this mean for you?

When I’m writing for you, you’ll have much more than a copywriter on your side.

You’ll have a strategic, knowledgeable marketing ally with valuable insights into the many ways clear, persuasive content can win over your audience.

Depending on your products, services and marketplace, you could enjoy outcomes like this… (28% click-through rate)

Or this… (#1, #2 and #3 position in Google page 1 results)

And even this: “We had the biggest sales month ever. The work you did has really paid off!”

If you’re ready for content that drives more traffic and sales for your pet or veterinary business, contact me now.

Let me help you race ahead of the pack.

Thank you!”


Q: “What are your qualifications as a pet SEO-web copywriter?”

A: Pam Foster, owner of, has 30+ years of writing and guiding successful marketing campaigns offline and online (18 of them online, and roughly 17 of them in pet and veterinary marketing).

In 2008, she founded the ContentClear Marketing Method for Website Optimization to help marketers follow a unique, methodical and proven approach to developing web content that works.

“Pam’s ContentClear approach is right on the money.”
– Nick Usborne, Web Content and Author of NetWords

In 2010, Pam became one of the first to achieve SEO Copywriting Certification. » Read more…

She founded the same year. Currently she works directly with clients and also brings in other pet-industry marketing resources as needed, to round out her team. And, she can connect you with skilled, effective pet copywriters who have the chops to do a great job for you.

Using our Content Clarity Tools and working closely with you, we help you determine the best way to approach marketing to pet owners and achieve your sales and lead-generation goals. That’s because our services go well beyond just content writing. We’re focused on a successful user experience, expertly guiding visitors through your site’s sales funnel… and also measuring results so you can make sure your investment is working.

We’ve worked with all kinds of virtual teams of web experts – including keyword researchers, web designers and programmers, analytics experts, pet business coaches, former veterinary hospital managers, and complete marketing teams. We can pull together a team or work with your own web team as needed to support you in creating a sales-focused website.

In addition to founding ContentClear Marketing and, Pam is the author and co-author of several web-SEO related books and guides, including these and many others:


Q: “Do you have a pet-industry background?”

A: Yes. To date, Pam has written hundreds of web pages, emails and other online and offline sales materials related to pet care, pet products and running a successful veterinary practice.

Pam’s work has helped pet companies and veterinary-industry companies for 14+ years. Her pet-industry clients have included business-to-consumer (B2C) and business-to-business (B2B) companies such as,, IDEXX Laboratories, Pet Health Network, LifeLearn,, PuppyStairs, EQ Royal, and many others.

In addition, the pet copywriters in Pam’s network also have extensive backgrounds with pet businesses and veterinary companies. We’ll gladly provide specific samples upon your request.

Pam has also been a dog and cat owner her entire life.

These days, Louie the Westie mix pup and Jack the black cat are happy, loving daily reminders of how pets enrich people’s lives.


Q: “What is pet SEO (search engine optimization) and what’s involved in making it work?”

A: Here’s a short answer, but for complete understanding, you’ll want to read our pet SEO blog post that goes into great detail.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the complex art and science of helping pet and veterinary websites achieve decent rankings and traffic via organic search (not paid search results).

If your pet web site is not being found in search engines, you’re missing huge opportunities for sales. A skilled pet SEO copywriter can identify and fix any problems in your content, following the ethical craft of weaving targeted keywords into relevant, useful website content that turns your site visitors into customers.


Q: “What kind of results can I expect from working with you?” 

A: You can expect well-planned, well-written and well-executed web-SEO content from us: compelling, reader-friendly content that turns prospects into qualified sales leads and/or buyers.

That’s because no other method provides you with a clear, complete and ethical process including tools for strategic thinking that drives a thorough understanding of your audience’s needs and your site objectives – all while setting your company apart from your competitors.

When you follow our clear, step-by-step pet website content optimization method, your site will include benefit-driven, ethical SEO messages that connect with your customers and search engines … on every page of your site.

We help you do this by demonstrating how your pet-related products and services uniquely solve your prospects’ greatest needs.

“Sales on my website business increased after Pam rewired the SEO codes and reshaped my website. I had the biggest sales month last month than ever. The work she did has really paid off!” – Sharon Bryant, owner, St. Francis Pet Medals


Q: “What does it cost to hire you for a project?”

A: It’s hard to answer this question without knowing the details of your project. The main reason is – every company and project is different. No two websites or missions are exactly alike. For example, you may need new web pages, updated existing pages, an optimized order page, or a complete overhaul. There may be tons of great content to work with and it simply needs optimizing … or there may be no copy yet or pages of non-sales copy that was written by an engineer 10 years ago. And there may be a need to do extensive work in phases.

So by taking a customized approach for your project, you can expect us to:

  • Recap your mission to demonstrate that I heard your concerns and needs
  • Provide an action plan for the specific aspects of your project
  • Address your expectations regarding timeframe and budget
  • Deliver a thoughtful proposal that meets your unique challenges and goals

Contact us if you’re interested in seeing our rates.

“Pam is an excellent web content writer. She writes from the inside out – digging in to gain a thorough understanding of her client’s products, services and target audiences, and then translating that into appropriate messaging on the web. Pam takes a holistic view of projects – her skills cross over into information architecture, search engine optimization, project management and even graphic design consultation. Pam’s friendly attitude, sense of humor, and commitment allow her to become a trusted member of her client’s team and make the web development process an enjoyable experience.” – Heather Peters, Project Manager, Image Works


Q: “How long does it take to write my pet SEO web content?”

A: Again, it all depends on what’s involved. Once we have a conversation, we’ll put a rough timeframe into our proposal, and then we’ll firm up a schedule once we get going. Quite often, it may just be two weeks or so.


Q: “What happens if we want to revise the content?”

A: All of our proposals are backed by Pam’s ContentClear Marketing promise and reputation of content optimization excellence, quick turnaround time, timely communications and ethical, on-target marketing and SEO recommendations.

This means: tell us what you want improved and what the changes are, and we’ll make them … fast. There is NO CHARGE for rewriting. Revisions are included in the flat fee we’ve agreed to for the assignment, provided they are assigned within 30 days of your receipt of the copy and are not based on a change in the assignment made after copy has been submitted.

Most of my clients are pleased and enthusiastic about my copy. But if you’re not 100 percent satisfied, I’ll revise the copy according to your specific guidelines at my expense.


Q: “How do I place an order with you?”

A: Putting us to work for you is easy. Simply pick up the phone and call Pam at 843-597-6515 or email us at pam@petcopywriter[dot]com. We’ll go over your project and answer your questions. Then we’ll provide a detailed estimate and confirmed scope of work.

Contact us to get started

There’s no charge to discuss your project and give you a proposal. And there’s no obligation to buy.