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Introducing pet industry content-marketing strategies, ready to be tailored to your audience and growth goals.

PetCopywriter Web Creative Brief

We help pet and veterinary marketing professionals define their site’s marketing mission, messages, and more.

Developed by founder Pam Foster, the following method and content clarity tools are based on best practices for direct marketing on the web. They’ll help you achieve your marketing mission — whether you’re using content for marketing pet products, finding more local clients, signing up new members, getting leads, or something else.

The ContentClear™ Marketing Method for Pet Industry Website Optimization

1. Initial Contact and Proposal

After an initial conversation with you to determine your goals, we briefly assess your site’s content and develop a strategic proposal including tasks, deliverables, timelines, and a cost estimate as appropriate for your project.

2. Discovery Phase: Web Purpose/Creative Brief and Online Research

We work with you to establish your site’s mission, purpose, goals, competitive positioning, and target audiences in the pet or veterinary market. This is also where we look at your site analytics, keywords, and competition.

3. Current Site Analysis and Recommendations: 43-Point Usability Checklist

We evaluate your current site from the customer’s point of view and identify opportunities for improvement. We also offer a detailed Site Audit/Plan for pet website optimization. This includes recommended enhancements to strengthen your marketing messages, SEO keywords, page logic, and social sharing.

 4. Key Message Clarity (Promises/Benefits) for Target Audiences  

We develop a content strategy document outlining your target audience’s main “pain points” (the need or concern they’re trying to solve), your website’s value proposition (how your products or services offer the best solutions), your compelling offer, your call to action, your primary keywords, etc.

This helps you prioritize your most critical messages for content optimization so prospects and search engines find your site and solutions.

5. Information Architecture Site Map

Based on your site’s purpose, we serve as the Information Architect, working with your web team to develop a blueprint for your site (if you’re revising your site, starting from scratch, or adding new sections). This includes an official Site Map confirming the number of pages, what they include, and how they flow from the home page and through the buying process.

6. Detailed Marketing Content: Content Map/Wireframe and Customer-Focused SEO Copywriting

Content Maps (also known as wireframes) indicate specific message blocks for each page and where they “live.”

Once the content maps are approved, we write your detailed, optimized marketing content (in Word or PDF) in page layout formats for total clarity to everyone involved in developing the site. We also provide SEO keywords and page titles.

After you approve the content, the web team builds each page. We also participate in page review phases, checking all layouts for genuine clarity, proper flow, and usability.

7. Marketing Your Site: Copywriting for Fresh New Content and Promotions 

We play a key role in helping you market your site through a variety of approaches (blog posts, articles, landing pages, podcasts, videos, emails, enewsletters, online advertising, direct mail, TV and more). Together, we can test copy and offers as you gain new insights from your customers’ responses.

Check out this blog post for a more specific picture of the steps involved in writing pet SEO content.

Important! An optimized pet-industry website is never “done.”

Regular product updates, articles, newsletters, blogs, etc. keep your site fresh and give customers a reason to return often (search engines like it, too). We play a partnership role in ongoing site enhancements that help you stay ahead of the competition. See our content-marketing packages.

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