Grow your business with guidance from a strategic, experienced pet-industry marketing professional

If your pet or veterinary company is at the level where you simply can’t run the marketing yourself anymore, why not partner with a consulting CMO with expertise in the pet industry?

Dr. Tammy Powell, the owner of, is available as an exclusive Chief Marketing Officer for one or two clients only — providing:

  1. A complete assessment of your marketing goals
  2. A strategic online and offline marketing plan to set your business apart and attract more customers
  3. Specific content-marketing tactics to apply to your website, blog, email marketing, social media and other
  4. Guidance on creating a virtual marketing team to bring your plans to life
  5. Tools to help you measure and maximize your momentum
  6. Meet with you once a week and oversee the marketing team’s efforts.


Let’s get on the phone with and we’ll analyze your business to see if it’s a fit.