Set your pet or veterinary company apart
with a strategic web/SEO Content Message Platform…

The secret to generating a competitive edge, better search rankings and more sales for your pet-industry business!

Pawsitive Perks home page shows a clear message

Pawsitive Perks has a very clear message: its loyalty rewards program keeps retail customers coming back

Your company will benefit tremendously from having a web/SEO Content Message Platform for all your products and services sold online. Let’s consider why.

What is a strategic web/SEO Content Message Platform?

It’s a comprehensive reference document loaded with persuasive marketing messages and selling statements about your product or service.

Its purpose is to serve as the “master messaging document” for your pet or veterinary company’s online presence. Once completed, it becomes the springboard from which you or your team can write all the optimized marketing content related to your products and services… such as:

  • Web pages
  • Online video scripts
  • Blog posts and articles
  • Emails and enewsletters
  • Sales landing pages
  • Online press releases
  • Online case studies and special reports
  • Online ads
  • Much more

The benefits of a Content Message Platform for your pet-industry company

Working from this platform ensures that all your company’s web pages and online marketing efforts have a consistent voice and message that describes why your products/services are the best options. This is extremely important because… repetition builds reputation!

Plus, all your messages will be optimized for search engines because you’ll understand how to weave in the terms people use online to find what you offer.

Then, when you need to create new web pages or online marketing pieces on short notice — you can avoid chasing your tail, trying to come up with something to say. With a completed Content Message Platform at your fingertips, you’ll have plenty of great copy you can immediately draw from to create any new marketing piece you need.

You’ll complete your online projects much faster, knowing your content will be in strategic alignment with other materials in your campaign.

Gain clarity through my combined experience as a veterinarian and copywriter

I’ve practiced veterinary medicine for seven years. I also have extensive training as a copywriter, having won awards for my content through American Writers and Artists, Inc. Using this experience, combined with my SEO training, I’ll deliver a customized and competitive content direction that brings value to you again and again. I’ll help you figure out how to articulate what makes your company, products and services special… clearly stating to customers why they should choose YOU.

What you’ll receive in your Content Message Platform:
You’ll receive a content “bible” — your go-to reference document packed with content-marketing messages that attract prospects and persuade them to take action.

The content-marketing messages I create are in these categories:

  • Product tagline ideas
  • Description of your company, products, and services: the solutions they provide
  • Unique Selling Proposition (USP) or value proposition statement that sets you apart from the competition
  • Explanation of the human-value benefits provided by your products/services
  • Customer testimonials and other “social proof”
  • Multiple marketing messages supporting your product’s primary and secondary benefits
  • Key message benefit statements that overcome anticipated sales objections
  • SEO keywords that I’ll discover for you through strategic SEO research
  • Headline ideas for use in various product marketing materials
  • Call-to-action lines for use in web pages, emails, etc.
  • One optimized sample web page, blog post and email showing you exactly how to use the content (you can apply these done-for-you templates across your site and in multiple campaigns)

No two Content Message Platforms are exactly the same. Depending on your goals, together we’ll determined what to add, subtract and customize. The typical length is 12-15 pages, with every page serving as a content-clarity tool for everyone on your marketing team.

My process for creating a web/SEO Content Message Platform for your pet or veterinary business:

I follow a straightforward and highly productive three-step process to deliver exactly what you need as a content-generating resource.

Using my Creative Brief, I’ll collect and review background information about your company and products/services as needed. This questionnaire helps me understand your target audience, unique product benefits, and more. In addition, I’ll collect:

  • Current web content
  • Previous digital and print marketing materials
  • Product technical specifications and diagrams
  • Speeches and PowerPoint presentations
  • Annual reports
  • Competitive information

Next, I’ll interview you to fill in the gaps and gain additional insights into your products/services and market. This is typically done during a 30-60 minute interview, and you’re welcome to invite others from your team to chime in. Many times, during this step, I help clients arrive at fresh epiphanies about positioning, SEO keyword opportunities, how to stand apart from the competition… and bring in more sales!

Based on all the information I collect and confirm, I’ll roll up my sleeves and write your Content Message Platform. During this step I will…

  • Research the top SEO keyword opportunities for your company
  • Review your competition’s messaging
  • Consider how your messages can truly set you apart in powerful ways
  • Write a first draft of your complete Content Message Platform
  • Review the first draft with you, in detail, during a conference call, so you’ll confirm my direction and know how to use the document
  • Provide a second draft after I’ve received your revisions, as needed
  • Create a final, polished draft that incorporates all your final changes


I can provide a first draft of your Content Message Platform within 10-15 business days of our project interview.

Your investment

When you consider that your Content Message Platform will provide targeted, persuasive sales copy for web/SEO content, email marketing, and much more, for years to come… you’ll find that this document is an exceptional value that pays for itself again and again. And, it’s much less expensive than what a full-service ad agency would charge you, without including SEO keywords and three sample templates!

Remember, you’ll receive a content-marketing message roadmap with three templates you can use for all your content. This will give you a major edge in the highly cluttered and competitive pet-veterinary market!

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