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Imagine creating videos that help you stand out, offer valued “show and tell” tips and get wonderful traffic/sales for your business.

PetCopywriter Video Script Sample

This is just one example of the types of video scripts created by

The pet industry is exploding with videos…

and not all of them are about daffy dogs, cute kittens, or “funniest moments.”

During recent keyword searches, I discovered all kinds of reasons to add video to your marketing mix:

Pet parents are looking for video tips about brushing a dog’s teeth, administering insulin to a diabetic cat, etc.

Veterinary technicians are looking for videos on drawing blood samples, using equipment, and more.

A grooming business is getting attention with “before-and-after” makeover videos.

Let a skilled pet copywriter create video scripts that attract your audience

Dr. Tammy Powell, owner of, brings a special insider knowledge of the pet and veterinary industries. Her many years of interacting with pet parents and veterinary clients give her an insight as to what your audience is looking for, and the type of language and tone that can best communicate your message.

With today’s exploding online video opportunities, we can help you create concise, powerful video scripts to showcase your products and services on YouTube and your own site.

We continually follow what’s working best in video today, such as the ideal length and format, how being “The Trusted Explainer” is an extremely successful approach, why high-end production is not as important as the usefulness of your messages, and more.

Let’s explore the many ways a great pet or veterinary video script can attract new business from YouTube and your own site.

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