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I’m Pam Foster, a 25+ year pet industry content strategist-writer focused on your business success. How? With clear content for more traffic, leads, sales, and retention.

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Helping TriStar Vet gain leads with every blog post.

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When and its sister site needed to bring in more leads online, I optimized their websites and wrote original, unique blog posts focused on their exceptional veterinary equipment and supplies. The result? See for yourself:

“Pam made the process of optimized blogging so easy for us. We were seriously struggling to come up with fresh, relevant content, and Pam used her veterinary industry insights to write the perfect blog posts for us! When we were fresh out of blogging ideas, Pam would send suggestions based on research she performed for us. It seemed as soon as we published a blog post, we would start getting calls on that product almost immediately. In addition, she helped us optimize the content and tags of both our websites, which helped us rank higher in Google. I would recommend ContentClear to anyone who wants to expand their customer base!” — Wendy Biondolillo, TriStar Vet and Direct Animal Products

Just some of the pet-industry companies I’ve worked with.

For best results, hire me — the copywriter behind these pet and veterinary industry companies and 150+ others

I’ve been writing pet industry content since the year 2000, and I know what will work for you. I’ve written for everything from LL Bean’s world class dog beds to IDEXX’s breakthrough diagnostic solutions. I’ve been the writer behind LifeLearn’s optimized WebDVM4 platform for veterinary practices… VetFolio’s online CE training site launch… and Vet Advantage’s annual Capital Equipment Guides, to name a few.

“Pam is very good at researching medical topics and interviewing veterinarians and technicians to collect the information she needs to write content. Then, she has the wonderful ability of being able to take the medical terminology they used, and the more technical way they may explained a condition — and writing it in a way that the average non-medical pet owner can easily understand. She does not lose the importance of the message in her “translation” but simply makes it easier to understand.” — Christine Colavolpe, Associate Director, Global Reference Labs Product Management, IDEXX

Ask me how to feature YOUR BUSINESS in pet industry trade publications.

Let's create customer and Google zoomies with your pet content.

As audiences look for the best answers and solutions online… let’s create your best content for Google’s E.E.A.T. Quality Rater Guidelines: Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness.

Based on my 25 years of experience, you can trust that I’ll make your content reflect your unique benefits and customer success stories… with emotionally intelligent messages; things AI can’t do for you. For instance, this Pet Care Weekly business profile shown here features original stories and input from successful B&B Pet Stop Owner Bill Trufant.

“I greatly appreciate Pam’s detailed interviews and quick turnaround times producing articles, in addition to her wealth of experience and understanding of the pet industry. It all makes for thorough, well-paced pieces that we’re very happy to run in our publications at Antelligence.” — David Thill, Editor, Pet Care Weekly

“Pam is a perfect mix of a content strategist and a brilliant copywriter. She can uncover what’s missing from your messaging, spot hidden SEO opportunities, and implement all the fixes — or train your team to do it. I’ve known and worked with her for over ten years and highly recommend her!”
— PetCopywriter Mentor Heather Lloyd-Martin, CEO, SuccessWorks “The pioneer of SEO copywriting” (Forbes)

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Let’s face it. Most digital marketing efforts are underperforming and disappointing. That’s because the messages don’t instantly resonate with prospects and turn them into buyers.

But YOURS WILL SOAR. Together we’ll map out a strategic monthly pet or veterinary content marketing plan and performance package that may include optimized web content/message makeover • blog posts • emails • case studies • white papers • videos • and more.

YES! If you’re ready to enjoy big results (and be a superstar in your company) — hire me, the co-author behind Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry.