Start here for pet marketing strategies that boost your content results across the board.

You’ve just found an experienced resource for digital content marketing to pet owners, pet businesses, or veterinary practices.

If you’re the VP or Director of Marketing at a mid-size+ company involved in marketing to pet owners or pet business professionals (pet companies, veterinary practices, pet shelters/nonprofits, or other veterinary businesses) — consider these big reasons to choose me for your marketing pet projects:

I’m becoming practically famous for my ability to pinpoint (and fix) message gaps. Through a strategic content audit, I can spot your message gaps in 5 seconds and help you reach more buyers.

I can work wonders for your business in ways that AI simply can’t. Let’s turn my superpower into YOUR superpower with content that tells your amazing story, in your brand voice … delivers authentic, fresh, and uniquely helpful solutions that delight your audiences … and showcases your happy customers through original case studies/success stories and testimonials.

Welcome! I’m Pam Foster — a Certified SEO Copywriter specializing in strategic, original content marketing for your pet and veterinary business.

More than 500 companies in my 40+ year copywriting career — including 150+ pet/veterinary industry companies — have counted on me for effective content marketing consulting and Certified SEO Copywriting.

It’s your turn to benefit from my 5-Step Web Content System.

Many years ago, I developed the following method and content clarity tools based on digital marketing best practices… and can help you:

  • Set your company apart from the rest
  • Reach more customers
  • Bring in more leads
  • Turn visits into buying decisions
  • Close sales and retain customers

The ContentClear™ Marketing Method for Pet Industry Content Optimization is a division of ContentClear Marketing, creator of this powerful approach to online success:

1. Initial Contact and Proposal
Let’s start with your website – your business hub online. After an initial conversation with you to determine your goals, I’ll briefly assess your site’s content and develop a strategic proposal including tasks, deliverables, timelines, and a cost estimate as appropriate for your project.

2. Discovery Phase: Web Purpose/Creative Brief and Online Research
I’ll help you clarify your site’s mission, purpose, goals, competitive positioning, and target audiences in the pet or veterinary market. This is also where we look at your keywords and competition.

3. Current Site Content Analysis and Recommendations: 21-Point Usability Checklist
Once we clarify your target audience’s main “pain points” (the need or concern they’re trying to solve), your website’s value proposition, your compelling offer, call to action, and primary keywords, etc. — I’ll get to work evaluating your site from the customer’s point of view. I’ll identify message gaps and opportunities through your detailed Site Content Audit Report and Message Makeover Plan.

4. Optimizing Your Site: Writing or Revising Each Page
Based on my report findings and a green light from you, I’ll optimize each page of your site to make it as magnetic as an Australian shepherd guiding customers to your online door… showcasing the many unique benefits you offer your audiences. They can’t help but choose you as a result.

5. Beyond Your Site: Copywriting for Fresh New Content and Promotions
Important! Optimized content marketing is never “done.”
You can count on me for regular product updates, articles, newsletters, blogs, etc. to keep your site fresh and give customers a reason to return often (search engines like it, too). See our content-marketing packages.

A little more about your new pet copywriter:

As Learning Chief at AWAI (American Writers & Artists, Inc.) — the world leader in training people looking to thrive as copywriters — I work with an incredible team to show copywriters the way to meet the demand for skilled B2B and B2C content writers.

I’ve been an AWAI member/speaker/teacher/author since 2005 and a staff member since 2015, delivering 30+ different programs to help copywriters succeed, including Site Audits Made Simple (focused on web content messaging), Site Content Audit Mastery and Certification, and White Paper Mastery and Certification. I also speak at AWAI conferences, including AWAI’s Fast Track to Success Copywriting Bootcamp, as well as countless online training programs.

My copywriting career began in 1980 (wha???) — yes, more than 40 years ago! I started as a copywriter in local commercial TV and radio stations, moved on to ad agency work, then worked in-house as a staff copywriter and creative director for many years.

In the mid-2000s… I made the leap from corporate staffer to freelancer, establishing ContentClear Marketing. Since then, my many clients have counted on me to be a highly skilled consultant, strategist, SEO copywriter, brand advocate, sales agent, and committed partner in success.

I established in 2010 to help wonderful companies like yours.