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Dr. Tammy Powell, DVM, is a Veterinarian and Certified Copywriter specializing in Content Marketing for Pet and Veterinary Businesses

If you’re the VP or Director of Marketing at a mid-size+ company involved in marketing to pet owners or pet business professionals (pet companies, veterinary practices, pet shelters/nonprofits, or other veterinary businesses) —

We can help you use strategic content marketing to:

  • Set your company apart from the rest
  • Reach more customers
  • Turn visits into buying decisions is owned by Dr. Tammy Powell, a veterinarian, lifelong pet owner, and direct-response copywriter.

Today, she can help you create engaging content that speaks to your audience, whether it’s B2B or B2C in the pet world.

Our clients count on us to be highly skilled consultants, strategists, SEO copywriters, brand advocates, sales agents, and committed partners in success. Plus, we bring in other excellent web experts as needed to meet client needs.

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