Pet or Veterinary marketing ideas

Pet and Veterinary Marketing in AI and Google Nuttiness

Let’s face it. There’s a crazy AI-generated content frenzy going on right now, and Google’s latest algorithms are pretty hard for marketers to keep up with. An SEO colleague said to me the other day: “Google is a mess right now, and writers/site owners are stuck in the crossfire.” OY! Hard to keep up or know what

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Pet owners look at product websites for information

A Surprising Fact About Your Pet Business Website

Here’s recent research that may shock you. Out of all the different marketing channels available to you today, including YouTube, TikTok, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, search ads, email, and more… Half of your potential customers will likely learn about your new products from your COMPANY WEBSITE.  You may be thinking, no way! Websites aren’t that important

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Pam Foster relaunches

NEWS: Pam Foster Relaunches with Expanded Content Services

Expanded Services Include Strategic Content ad SEO Copywriting for Pet and Veterinary Businesses Portland, ME, March 4, 2024: Experienced pet industry writer Pam Foster, with 25+ years of client success, has relaunched Her expanded services include strategic B2C and B2B content marketing consulting and SEO Copywriting for companies in the pet/veterinary industry … whether

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Follow these dog grooming tips to groom your pet website content.

Increase Sales by Grooming Your Pet Business Web Content

Unless your pet or veterinary business brand is a household name — such as Bissell, IAMS, Virbacx, or Wahl — your website needs to do heavy lifting to bring you more leads and sales. Sure, you can get attention and bring in buyers via your social media posts, blog posts, ads, YouTube videos, trade show materials,

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A small puppy giving a high five to a human finger

Easy SEO for veterinary practices: Use FAQ pages to your advantage

To wrap up the ‘easy SEO for veterinary practices’ series, today I’m going to give you a really easy, valuable way to integrate keywords onto your veterinary practice website.   Why is this important?   As a reminder, SEO (search engine optimization) makes it easier for potential clients to find you when they search online.

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Two kittens looking at a laptop, with one of them pointing toward the screen

SEO for Veterinary Practices: Where and How to Use Keywords

In recent posts, you’ve learned all about where to find keywords for your veterinary practice website…   So, this month let’s talk about how and where to use those keywords to boost your SEO!   As a reminder, SEO (search engine optimization) is important, because it helps your practice appear higher in the online search

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Picture of a hound dog's face with its nose just above the bottom of the screen, on a white background

SEO for Veterinary Practices: Sniff out more great keywords for your website

Last month, I told you about one of my favorite tools to find keywords for your veterinary practice website: Google’s Autocomplete function. It’s completely free, easy to use (it takes about 5 seconds), and it can provide very valuable information for improving your practice’s searchability online.   If you’re just starting, you might enjoy reading

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A rabbit sitting on a laptop computer and looking at the screen.

Easy SEO Tips for Veterinary Practice Websites

How much did you learn about marketing in veterinary school? What about creating a website — one that’s optimized for SEO? If you’re like me, this probably wasn’t a hot topic in school. There may have been a standard business class, but after that, much of what we learned about business and marketing was left

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