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To support and enhance your pet marketing strategies, services fall into several categories.

Deeply rooted in our pet-industry marketing experience, we offer all aspects of effective SEO, web content and online marketing message clarity.

If you’re not sure why you need an SEO copywriter for your pet or veterinary marketing efforts, this document may help: Why Hire a Web-SEO Copywriter?.

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Here’s how our pet-industry Content Marketing Services help you Race Ahead of the Pack:

  • Web Content Writing — Including Monthly Packages —  by the Pet Industry’s Only Certified SEO Copywriter — Page-by-page SEO content planning and writing is our specialty! We’re experts at carefully crafting customer-focused web page text that sets your business apart and delivers results. The key to success today is delivering fresh, original content regularly; ideally every month. Let Pam use messages and keywords to help make sure prospects are finding your site in Google searches AND turning into customers for you. Once your core web content is fully optimized, we can map out a monthly content plan to add quality blog posts, articles, SEO updates on core pages, and other audience- and search-friendly content.
  • Pet-Industry Emails and Enewsletters — Email marketing is still wildly popular because it’s fairly inexpensive and people DO respond. 91% of businesses use email marketing, and 78% say such efforts are effective. Pam has worked with many pet-industry clients to test and enhance email content and boost results. Discover how to harness the “loyalty power” of marketing to your clients and prospects through emails and enewsletters.
  • Landing Pages for Specific Pet-Business Promotion Campaigns — Landing pages are the main conversion pages for specific promotions, products or audiences. These can bring high revenue returns to a business; often higher than website pages when a campaign is built around the landing page.
  • Case Studies and White Papers (Special Reports) to Attract Pet or Veterinary Industry Leads — Let us create a powerful document showcasing the benefits of your products or services through a real-world success story that includes compelling before/after “snapshots,” customer testimonials, statistics (if applicable) and more. Pam has written many special reports used as premiums to entice site visitors to become leads.
  • Video Scripts — Pam has been writing video scripts since the 1980s, when video was only seen on TV and at training meetings. With today’s exploding online video opportunities, we can help you create concise, powerful video scripts to showcase your products and services on YouTube and your own site.
  • Content Strategy Audits, along with Content Consulting — Through our comprehensive web site marketing audit, we’ll examine your web page text and use of SEO keywords, pinpoint areas to boost results, and recommend a content strategy with ideas to improve web traffic and conversion rates.
  • Custom Content Guides — A Custom Content Guide for your organization can ensure that everyone on your team is following the same methods for developing content. For example, your customer service team, sales support team, IT group and others may be adding content to your site. With a clear, branded reference guide from us, you can ensure that all your site’s content is clean, customer-focused and optimized for success.
  • Training/Teaching — With 1-on-1 training, you’ll quickly master our web content system for better performance across your site. We’re also available to speak with groups at conferences, trade shows and other events.
  • Speaking — Looking for an experienced, engaging speaker to provide valuable web-success insights at your next pet-industry or veterinary conference, meeting, teleseminar or webinar? Pam has been speaking to groups for many years. Our presentations deliver practical tips for immediate use, and can be fully customized for your audience, schedule and event format. When appropriate, we can supply samples of our Content Clarity Tools*.
  • Print and Trade Show Materials Coordinated with Online Efforts — In addition to online marketing content, you can also hire us to write effective offline/print and tradeshow materials that support your sales goals.

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