Bow WOW! Achieve your marketing mission with results-oriented pet and veterinary copywriting services.

Whether you’re marketing to pet owners, other pet businesses, or veterinary practices — it’s time to breathe easy because your content needs are covered here.

Can a robot dog provide you with a sloppy kiss and fuzzy warm companionship? Not so much. The same goes for robot-written content.

In fact, Neil Patel of Ubersuggest recently share these facts on Linked: “Everyone is creating AI content, but very few people are reading it. Out of 1051 marketers that we surveyed, 12.3% are creating content with humans. The rest is either through AI or a combination of AI and humans. When we looked at what content is ranking on Google, human-written content ranked higher 94.12% of the time.

To top it off we ran an experiment with the help of 68 other sites to see what percentage of their traffic comes from AI-written content. Their average AI-written article had 52 visitors a month. On the flip side, their average human-written article had 283 visitors a month. That’s a 5.44x difference. We are consistently seeing human-written content outperform AI-written content… at least for now.”

So let’s go! Hire me, a real person, to write authentically enticing content for your pet or veterinary business.

My writing can be your competitive advantage, setting you apart as the best resource for certain pet industry solutions.

Here’s how my pet-industry content marketing services help you stand out from the pack and bring in more buyers:

When you hire a Certified SEO Copywriter and strategic, experienced pet industry Content Marketing Consultant — you’re investing in copy that works. Why? Because smart, competitive and optimized sales content drives search engine traffic to your site, turns visitors into strong leads or buyers, and prompts repeat purchases by your current customers. Consider these packages that save you 10%:

Magnetic Message Makeover for Your Website/Online Business Hub

Includes a thorough Site Audit and 20 optimized core web pages for starters.
Package A

12 Months of Steady Prospect-Magnet Content

Once your hub is optimized, continue attracting leads with monthly blog posts, case studies, and other search-friendly content that we map out together.
Package B

Let's decide which of the following services are best for your goals.

Site Content Audit (aka Message Makeovers)

Clear, customer-focused sales copy is the #1 factor in turning visitors into buyers. Using my experience and proprietary 21-Point Checklist, I’ll examine your web page messages, competition, and use of SEO keywords to pinpoint message gaps and opportunities. You’ll receive a thorough report with recommendations to dramatically improve web traffic and conversion rates.

Optimized Web Content Writing for Core Sites and Microsites

Next, put me to work crafting customer-focused content that can set your business apart and deliver results. Page-by-page SEO content planning and writing is my specialty, particularly in the pet and veterinary world.

Stampede-Driving Pet-Industry Blogs, Emails, and E-newsletters

To maintain a steady stampede of new leads, I’ll help you map out a monthly content plan to add quality blog posts, articles, and other audience- and search-friendly content. For instance, pillar-post blogs are incredibly powerful for rising above “the big players.” Email marketing is still the #1 top ROI marketing approach, if done well. And e-newsletters keep customers informed, entertained, and loyal. Let’s discuss!

Lead Magnets and Landing Pages for Specific Pet-Business Promotion Campaigns

For your specific promotions throughout the year, you’ll want to make sure your landing pages are converting at the highest level. I can help you bring high revenue returns when your campaign is built around a strong landing page. I can also create the lead magnets, such as…

Case Studies (Customer Success Stories) and White Papers (Special Reports)

Hire me to create powerful documents showcasing the benefits of your products or services through real-world success stories (before/after “snapshots” of your happy customers) … as well as white papers that position you as the authority on emerging solutions related to your industry.

Video Scripts

With today’s exploding online video opportunities, I’ll help you create concise, powerful video scripts to showcase your products and services on YouTube, your own site, and social media.

Print and Trade Show Materials Coordinated with Online Efforts

In addition to online marketing content, you can also hire me to write effective offline/print and tradeshow materials that support your sales goals.


If you’re looking to turn your good drafts into GREAT, EFFECTIVE copy and content, count on my combined 40+ years of experience as a writer, copyeditor, and proofreader. I invite you to put me to the test. 🙂

Bow wowza! Ready to enjoy more traffic, leads, sales, and retention?