Great pet SEO content balances these 3 important components

This may shock you, but search-engine optimization (SEO) copywriting is not just about adding keywords to existing web page content.

And it’s also not just about the content your visitors see on a given web page. The “behind the scenes” meta data, such as page titles, descriptions and photo alt. tags, are just as important.

So, what exactly IS optimized web content, otherwise known as SEO copy for your pet website?

Here’s my definition based on my daily research, following industry leaders who work continually to test and define what works online. (I welcome other definitions if you have one!)

To me, SEO copywriting or optimized web content is a masterful blend and balance of three aspects:

  1. Persuasive sales copywriting based on proven direct-response principles (after all, you’re trying to get site visitors to respond by taking a specific action, right?).
  2. Keyword research and a strategic placement of keyphrases woven smoothly into customer-focused messages.
  3. An understanding of web usability and other technical web aspects including site architecture (navigation, etc.), and “meta data” language, in order to provide optimized content everywhere possible throughout a site, working closely with the web programmer.

There are actually more components than these three, such as link wording, fresh content additions (articles, blogs), and many other ideas that can help visitors find you, buy from you, and continue seeing you as a great resource. But the big three mentioned above are what I consider the “must-have” baseline skills for optimizing a web site.

In today’s frantic competitive climate, the companies that apply this three-pronged SEO approach to their content stand a better chance of racing ahead of the pack and thriving online.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!