Speak a little geek to help ensure the best Pet SEO results

Even though I’m a seasoned pet marketing copywriter, I’m not the most technical person in the world. In fact, my highest and best skill is writing copy in plain English — speaking to the target audience in terms that clearly show how a pet-related product or service will benefit them.

However, I’ve learned to speak some “geek” language over the years so I can make sure my carefully crafted copy is going to work online.

For example, to generate the best possible results with search engines, it’s important to include optimized “meta” copy on any website. This is the code text that search engines read in addition to your on-page text. Quite often, search engines display the meta text in search results.

To make sure web programmers know exactly which meta text goes where, it should be provided in terms they know as technical experts who write code to build web pages. Here are a few of those terms that are extremely important to developing web content that truly works.

  • Page title: This is known as the title tag to web programmers. For example, my home page title tag is Pet Copywriter Pam Foster: Pet SEO, Web Content, Pet Marketing Strategies
  • Page description: This is known as the meta description to the programmer. This is your chance to include a sentence or two (150 maximum characters and spaces) describing what your site has to offer the target audience, using relevant keywords. For example, my website home page meta description is:

“Pet copywriter Pam Foster provides pet internet marketing, web content consulting and pet SEO copywriting services. Pet industry clients include LL Bean, IDEXX and Pet Health Network.”

  • Keywords: Google doesn’t look at keywords anymore… but other search engines do, so why not include them?
  • Alt tag: This is used to indicate optimized captions for any photos or graphic images that appear on your site. These tags can  describe images on a given web page, since search-engines can’t “see” or read photos, etc. Every little bit helps!

If you can get used to using these terms, your web programmer will have a better idea of what you want for search engine optimized content in the meta content.

But it underscores my point that it’s very important to know a few key technical terms so you can ensure the best results for any website.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!

Pam Foster