Use active words to generate more action on your pet website

Did you know that you can instantly improve your online sales results by replacing passive words on your website with clear active words?

It’s true, and I’ll give you 3 reasons why.

1. Active words propel your prospects toward the steps you want them to take.

Consider how the active phrase “Read this information now to add 3 years to your cat’s life” tells prospects exactly what to do and why. It’s very direct and urgent, and likely to prompt action if the right prospect is reading it. A passive version, such as “Cat’s lives can be extended by 3 years as a result of reading this information” just sits there, hoping the prospect will possibly decide to read the information at some point.

2. Active words tend to be more personal and engaging than passive words.

When your content uses personal language to solve the prospect’s needs, it can be very powerful. For example, this active message may appear on an asthma products website: “Finally you and your pets can breathe easier in your home — download this free report, 7 Tips for House-Healthy Air.” The passive version, and not as personal, would be: “This free report, 7 Tips for House-Healthy Air, offers ways for people and pets to breathe easier at home and can be downloaded at anytime.” With this passive language, there’s not much of a personal connection between you and your prospect.

3. Active words paint pictures of how your solution helps the prospect.

The right words will help your prospects envision themselves enjoying your product benefits or solving a pesky problem … and wanting to buy that solution from you. For example, “Eliminate hairballs forever with Advanced BlockaHairball.” See how active words could lead to a more confident purchase and more sales for you?

So my quick PetCopywriter Web-SEO tip of the day is this:

Use clear and active words to move your prospects toward buying the solutions they seek from you.

This approach can be used with headlines, bullets, links, sign-up boxes, calls-to-action, product ordering buttons, and other web content elements. To see it in action … visit my ContentClear Marketing Training/Speaking page, which uses an “active voice” approach throughout the content.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!