Grant your prospect’s wishes on your pet website and reap the rewards

Sometimes when you’re looking for something online, you have a wish in the back of your mind, right?

For example, about a month ago when I was planning a trip across the country with my dog, I searched online with this wish in my head: “I hope I can find an airline-approved dog carrier that’s easy to use and comfortable for my dog.” I typed in the keyphrase: “airline-approved dog carrier.”

Luckily, a few smart companies anticipated my wish, and I found just what I needed on a website called

So how did this company happen to know about my wish? Well, the company may have done online research to see which keywords or keyphrases are popular regarding dog travel … and then used those keyphrases in their content.

And, they might have conducted some formal or informal customer research to see what people need related to pet travel. And again, they used those defined needs in their content.

Whatever they did, it worked. They followed a core pet-SEO strategy. I found what I needed, and they got my business.

So what do we learn from this? If you know what your prospects are wishing for, and you use relevant keyphrases in your content, you’ll have a better chance of pleasing those prospects and earning their business.

Here are 2 easy ways to find out what your prospects are wishing for.

  1. Ask them! Do an informal survey via email or create a more formal survey online at, or another online survey provider.
  2. Research the most relevant keyphrases. It’s easy when you use the free Google Analytics Keyword Tool or any of the fee-based keyword programs.

These simple yet powerful steps may help you come out on top every time people are looking for the solutions you provide. I did this type of research for a dog joint pain supplement web site and wrote the following specific keyphrase-rich content as a result:

Think dog joint pain is unavoidable? Not any more. Relief is possible with Osspet’s 100% natural calcium-protein formula.

So my quick tip of the day is this:

Find out what your prospects are looking for  — and then use the most relevant keyphrases possible (in solution-oriented content) to show prospects you can grant their wishes.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!