Make sure your pet-industry website offers VALUE

To generate more sales or leads on your website, make sure your content offers VALUE to your visitors.

There seems to be some confusion in the web world regarding the role of content and web conversions. I’ve heard some opinions that “lots of keyword-rich content attracts buying visitors” or “as long as people are finding your website in search engines, you’re all set.”

But what about the messages on your site? What makes people stay, buy from you and return to buy again (or tell their friends, “you’ve got to visit this website!”)?

In my humble opinion, the #1 purpose of your content is to provide helpful information that solves the visitor’s needs. Or it must provide entertainment that delights visitors and prompts them to tell others about it. Or both of these things.

In other words, content must offer VALUE first, above all else, while including the most relevant keywords in an ethical manner.

So what exactly is content that offers value? Here’s my definition in three parts:

  • It provides useful or compelling information focused on the visitor’s interests, not your product features. First, consider that most people go online at some time or another with a mission to get news (how are companies making money on Social Media?), solve a need (how do I make a great dog treat in my kitchen?), or investigate options (which pet-stain cleaners really work as advertised?). The websites that deliver helpful information in a non-hyped-up way will win visitors over. The websites that shout at people, have huge photos and no content, confuse people or talk all about themselves are likely going to turn people away.
  • It’s easy to read, navigate, print and share. Content should always be structured with readership in mind; creating the ideal user experience. As I’ve mentioned before, a bold headline followed by short sentences, bullets and photos with captions are much easier to read and scan than giant blocks of narrative text. Detailed information should be just 1 click away from the general overview page. Plus, it’s especially helpful to make content easy to print or share; especially if instructions or directions are involved (how to make a dog treat). Picture how the person will use your wonderful  information (take the printed copy into the kitchen to bake a dog biscuit). If your site allows the person to print the recipe on one sheet of paper … beautiful! That’s value.
  • It ultimately satisfies the visitor, builds a strong first impression and perhaps establishes a lasting customer relationship. When you’re providing unique, valuable information that helps your site visitors, you’re doing them a huge favor. Imagine it. They might have spent months looking for the best solution in retail stores, or by asking friends, or by visiting other websites that did well in search rankings but had lousy information. With a value-focused site, you’re an instant hero to these frustrated people! And that means you’ll likely win their business.

So here’s my tip of the day: To turn visitors into loyal customers, make sure each page of your content provides helpful answers and valuable information above all else.

I’d love to get your feedback about this tip or your questions about other aspects of web content that works. Just email me and I’ll respond quickly.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!