Page titles matter to search engines when marketing pet products online

Here’s how to make the most of them.

Here’s my big AHA! of the day: Web page titles can be critical regarding how you look to prospects in search engine results. What’s that you say? Page titles?

You’re not alone if you’ve never noticed the page titles WAY up at the top of your browser window when you’re viewing a web page. I mean way up above the area where you type in a domain name. For example, if you look on my website and scan your eyes to the very top tier of the entire browser window (it’s usually that blue bar that runs across the window’s top border), you’ll see a page title that says:

Pet Copywriter Pam Foster: Pet SEO, Web Content, Pet Marketing Strategies

Most people don’t notice those titles. But search engines do. In fact, sometimes search engines use those page titles to find and rank your web page in search results. Plus page titles are sometimes used as the wording for your page in search engine results. So it pays to optimize your page titles.

For example, let’s say you type “indestructible dog toys” in Google. I did this yesterday and found the following site on page 1 of the search results:

Big Time Dog Toys Indestructible Dog Toys
Searching for Indestructible Dog Toys? Shop our Ultra Tough category to discover long lasting and fun toys, made for tough dogs big and small! …

I clicked on their link, and the Google results title matched the web page title on Clearly their page title is optimized.

Unfortunately, most sites have just their company name in the page title, or worse yet, just “Welcome.”

They’re missing a golden opportunity to present their unique value proposition or sales tagline to eager prospects searching for answers. They’re missing a chance to reflect the main essence of the web page and optimize it for the top keywords used by target audiences.

So here’s how you fix that for your site … and your client sites.

Provide optimized, inviting page titles to the person responsible for programming the code in each of your pages. It’s a great pet internet marketing strategy that your competition may not be using.

It’s very easy for programmers to add these titles into each page’s code. Each page should have a unique, optimized page title relevant to the page’s content. Just be sure you don’t exceed 60 characters including spaces; the standard limit. That’s the really fun part — presenting your optimized value message within 60 characters.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!