Why it pays to work with a Certified SEO pet copywriter

Greetings –

Today’s topic is about SEO copywriting — that magical blend of three things that make your website work (if it has these ingredients):

  1. The strategic and ethical use of relevant and competitive keywords (keyphrases) your prospects are using in search engines to find your pet products…
  2. Messages that are customer-focused; showing them how you offer the best solutions for them…
  3. A user-friendly flow, with content that engages your visitors and compels them to DO something – sign up for your newsletter, buy a product, inquire about your services. etc.

Until recently, there was no national certification program for search engine optimization (SEO) copywriters like me. So, companies had to trust that their web content writers knew what they were doing and would write ethical, strategic SEO content that actually drives more traffic and sales. So basically it was a risk to hire an SEO copywriter.

But now there IS a certification program in the web industry – the SuccessWorks SEO Copywriting Certification Program – and I hope you don’t mind this quick bit of bragging. I just received one of the first certificates of completion after passing a challenging test!

What does this mean to you? Check out the press release. It explains it all.

Feel free to spread the word if you know a marketer or business owner who could use a skilled, certified SEO copywriter for marketing pet products, veterinary services or anything else pet-related online.

Thank you! Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous website!

Pam Foster