The opt-ins on your pet website are the Holy Grail

If you’re working hard to market your pet products or services online, grow traffic to your website and make the most of every visit, you need to see this video by marketing legend Stan Rapp.

My favorite quote in it is, “Those opt-ins are the Holy Grail.” What does this mean exactly?

If your website content is engaging, and it invites people to “opt in” and sign up for your newsletter, coupons, free trial, or other incentives… you’re building a goldmine list of people who like you and who can become wonderful, loyal customers who buy again and again. As long as you treat them well.

To keep them opted in and buying from you, follow up with them by sending great content, such as helpful tips, invitations to post photos, special discount offers exclusive to them, and other valuable messages that they’ll look forward to receiving from you.

But first — this is really important. Is your web content doing its job of engaging visitors and getting them to sign up, or opt-in? If you need help to find the answer, let’s talk. Email me to discuss this further.

Until then,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!

Pam Foster