Make sure your pet website content is worth SHARING

Did you hear that thunderous rumbling on July 23rd? It wasn’t another rainstorm. It was the sound of the buzz created by Apple’s unveiling of Flipboard for the iPad. Here’s a Website Magazine article about it, with the Apple video announcing it.

In the web content world, nothing stays the same for long. Or does it?

If you’ve been with me for a while, or even if you just started reading my tips, you’ll know that I always focus on the importance of clear, customer-focused content that helps your visitors find what they need and buy it from you. This is true whether you’re marketing pet products, services or business tools.

So how is this iPad content-sharing (r)evolution any different?

Well, it certainly shakes things up for companies who don’t provide useful or appealing content on their websites.

There won’t be much sharing happenin’ there.

Therefore, it simply serves as a big reminder to anyone with a website: make the content great, and you’ll enjoy more success.

Maybe it’s time to take a good hard look at your web content and think to yourself, “Is this something people would actually want to share with others?”

For example, if you sell a doggie feet-washer that makes paws smell like roses after frolicking in the mud pit down the street – is that worth sharing? You bet, IF your website is fun, compelling and full of clear benefits.

Here’s another example. If you offer a service that helps over-burdened travelers avoid paying those dang-blasted extra fees for baggage, etc. … would your website be worth sharing? Heck, yes. I wish I knew of a real website that does this. I would certainly tell everyone about it.

So it’s not only WHAT you offer on your website, but HOW you talk about it… and WHO’s deciding if your messages are worth reading and possibly sharing.

Take a look at your website content, consider what it says, and determine whether or not you want to spruce it up with something that will thrill your target prospects, getting them to tell their friends.

If you’d like a fresh opinion, I’d be happy to help. Just email me.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!

Pam Foster