3 must-haves for pet website content that works

New findings from 200+ web page tests

I recently attended a fantastic Webinar about web pages that work, and I’m excited to share the information with you. Whether your web page is focused on getting shoppers to buy from you, getting potential business clients to contact you, or some other mission, 3 main rules always apply to improving your pet business web page results.

What do I mean by “results?” Simply this. Your pages attract more of the right visitors… and motivates more of them to buy from you or contact you for business.

So what are those 3 must-have elements?

According to MarketingExperiments.com, a great resource for what works online, the three key elements for web page success are the following (based on more than 200 web page tests that involved content changes):

1. Increase specificity.

You need to build credibility with a new visitor. You can’t just say, “We have the widest variety of dog beds.” You need to be specific, such as — “We have over 65 different dog bed  styles to choose from, for dogs of all sizes and types; even those who chew through everything!” You need to give visitors clear, specific and compelling REASONS to buy from you.

2. Increase continuity.

Make sure every step in your online sales process provides consistent messages, in a consistent overall design and experience. For example, if you buy a Google Adwords campaign that happens to say: “Personalized dog collars. 54 different colors and sizes. Save 20% on first order.” — your landing page had better state these same promises, backed by photos and proof that supports this message direction. And then the order page should do the same! Otherwise, you confuse visitors and they’re likely to leave.

3. Increase relevance.

Before you write or revise the message on a given web page, think about WHY your ideal customer would care to read it. Always think, “What’s in if for me?” from your customer’s perspective. So instead of stating, “We love cats, and we offer cat toys, treats, and other products that we hand-picked for quality…” say something directly beneficial to your ideal customer, such as, “Find more than 1,112 irresistible cat toys, treats and other goodies here, personally tested by our cats and recommended by us. Discover which cat toys are hot, which treats are the most popular, and how to entertain your kitty with something she’ll actually play with.” See the difference?

There are a number of other guidelines and tips for what works better online, but if you have these 3 covered, you’re way ahead of most pet-related websites.

Contact me if you’d like to know more.

Until next time,
Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!


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