The real value of your pet website visitors

I recently came across a powerful explanation of what each visitor to your pet website can bring to your business in VALUE… whether you’re marketing to pet owners or pet businesses.

With permission from the website (a contractor marketing company), I’m happy to provide this explanation that’s quite relevant to pet business marketers as well:

Putting a Dollar Value on a Browser In Your Site
“To understand what a web site visitor means to you financially, compare it to direct mail response. After all, just like a web visitor, doesn’t a direct mail response represent those who are interested in your product or services?

Since the typical direct mail response is approximately one-quarter of 1%, this means you have to send 400 letters to find one potential consumer interested in your product.

If a letter typically costs about 40 cents to mail, sending 400 letters to find that one potential customer will cost you $160.

Apply this $160 per visitor to your web site, and you’ll see the value of a web site in a whole new light. Even 10 visitors a month can translate into $1,600 of avoided marketing costs. The problem is, most web sites aren’t designed to court these customers effectively—if at all.”

Wow – think of the impact of this. If you invest in driving more pet industry prospects to your website… what’s the sales value to your organization? This is the best way to to look at your website budget.

That’s why it pays to invest in pet web content that works, including optimizing your site to attract more visitors in search engines (SEO), plus turn more of them into customers when they arrive at your site (sales copy).

What do you think? Have you calculated the value of your website visitors? Let us know what you think.

Until next time, here’s to a prosperous site!
Pam Foster