Marketing your pet business with content in 2011

Today I’m featuring part of an important article from eMarketer Digital Intelligence. It’s only “open” to non-subscribers for a short time at this link: That’s why I’m passing some of it along in my blog.

I especially like the questions because they reflect my content-writing focus as a pet copywriter: how can your pet business use content to solve your prospect’s needs in a unique and engaging way? 🙂

“2011 Trends: Content Marketing Is Critical

Next year, marketers will need to rethink their approach to advertising and marketing and intensify their focus on creating magnetic content that will naturally attract consumers, rather than relying solely on the interruption model of advertising, which consumers are responding to less and less.

Magnetic content can include anything created on behalf of a brand—be it an ad, YouTube video, online game, Facebook page, Twitter promo or mobile app—that consumers genuinely want to engage with and pass along to others. This content entertains, amuses, informs, serves a function or satisfies a consumer need.


Marketers should ask themselves five questions about the magnetic content they are seeking to create to determine whether it will be truly attractive to their audience:

  1. Is the content unique?
  2. Is the content useful?
  3. Is the content well executed?
  4. Is the content fun?
  5. Does the content make good use of the channel in which it appears (e.g., social, mobile, video)?”

It’s amazing how content marketing has become THE ongoing strategy for pet business success… whether you’re marketing to pet owners, veterinarians, retailers or another group.

What do you think about this? I’d love to hear what you think as it relates to your website and social media efforts.

Until next time, here’s to a prosperous site!