Successful pet website content is much more than writing text.

Today I’d like to provide insight into exactly what goes into optimizing a single web page for search engines and sales these days.

Why? Because a couple of people asked me recently, “What goes into writing optimized content anyway?” In other words, why should I pay you the big bucks to do this? ūüėČ

It has become so much more than you’d ever expect… and every tiny detail matters.

Believe it or not, it can take up to 4 hours to craft and optimize each page. The reason is, the content writer must consider the following factors to make a web page great:

  • Page strategy: What do we want people to DO on this page… and what’s the business mission?
  • Context: Which other pages on the site are affected by this particular page?
  • Keyword research: What words are people using in search engines to find the solutions you offer?
  • Competitive¬†review: What web pages¬†show up in search engine results for those keywords already; either above your site or near it? And, what do those websites look like?
  • Skilled¬†copywriting for sales conversions: What’s the best way to approach clear, persuasive and customer-focused copy that drives action?
  • Weaving the SEO (search engine optimization) keywords into the content: How important is it to take an ethical, smooth and balanced approach that avoids keyword-overload… but places keywords in what expert Heather Lloyd-Martin calls the “SEO Power Positions?” (Very important.)
  • Copywriting for SEO tags: What’s the best way to craft inviting, strategic sentences (with keywords) in the page’s code (so critical these days to attract visitors via search engine results!)?
  • Revisions and tweaks: Does the¬†content flow; is it “on brand?”
  • Reviewing and testing: Once it’s¬†placed in the web pages, does the content work exactly as intended?

This isn’t even the complete list!

For web pages to work their magic in marketing to pet owners, veterinarians or pet businesses, the content writer must consider at least 2 dozen different elements (maybe even 3 dozen) in a strategic and thorough manner.

Here’s a pet website I recently optimized by following all the considerations listed above:

Now, the value of all this work is RESULTS. More traffic, more sales, more responses = more money for your business. When I explain that investing in web content optimization can bring in extra sales now and for months or even years to come… suddenly all this effort looks very attractive.

Until next time,

Here’s to a clear and prosperous site!
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