An important message about marketing pet products

New numbers from the February 2011 issue of DELIVER magazine, published by the U.S. Postal Service, point to a very healthy pet economy. Here are just a few indicators of a strong pet industry (printed by the USPS from various sources):

  • Millions of families have pets: 62% of American households own a pet! (Wow)
  • Millions of pet owners have the income to spend on pet products: 30% of pet supply-buying households have an income of $100K+, and another 20% have  incomes between $50K and $74K.
  • Consider the ramifications of this in pet-food purchases alone: $10,377 is spent on dog and cat food during a pet’s lifetime (U.S.). Canada is next at $8,038.

So how can you get more of that market share for your pet business? How can you stand out in the cluttered marketplace and attract more customers?

There’s no single, simple answer to these questions. But it’s clear that all pet businesses have an exciting opportunity to grow in this healthy climate.

Today I offer this suggestion to help you stand back and take a fresh look at your pet business messages:

Consider what’s special and inviting about your pet products and services. Ask yourself these 3 questions:

  • What need do I solve for pet owners or pet businesses in a way that’s better than anything else in my business category?
  • What lights up my customers when it comes to the solutions I offer them? (Do my current marketing messages focus on that “light up” moment… or is it lost somewhere?)
  • How strong is my website? In other words, is it being found in search engines… and converting most visitors into customers?

The right messages will increase your marketing results. Your messages have the power to delight customers, help them visualize the joys of using your products and services, and clearly guide them to a purchase. Every now and then, it’s important to look at your business messages and make sure they truly resonate with your ideal customers and set you apart from all the noise out there.

Something to think about as the pet boom continues. Let me know what you think!

Until then, here’s to a prosperous website!