What makes the MyPetED fan page and pets apps popular

If you’re trying to determine how to tap into the hearts and minds of pet owners, pet businesses and the media, consider the successful approach that MyPetED has taken.

MyPetED is all about helping pet owners keep their pets healthy and happy at all times.

Everything MyPetED does is focused on that main goal… from their core website www.MyPetED.com to their Facebook Fan Page (4,097 fans in just 6 weeks) to last Friday’s launch of their pet apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Their message is clear and consistent across all channels: MyPetED helps you support your pet’s well-being 24/7 with access to important pet and vet info… online and on the go.

A clear, beneficial, consistent and audience-focused message is a major key to audience engagement and lasting success, whether you’re marketing to pet owners, pet businesses, pet-product manufacturers or veterinary practices.

Make sure your web and social media content are always grounded in your core message; your brand’s foundation. This helps you build and maintain a clear position in that cluttered sea of competitors.

Check out the MyPetED messaging throughout their website. It’s always focused on access to critical pet care information.

You can bet their apps, press releases and sales materials do the same.

Now think about your own pet business web pages, social media posts, print materials, product information and everything else that carries your business message. Ask yourself:

  • Do I have a core foundational message that guides me as I create new content?
  • Does ALL of my content reflect this core message?
  • Is the core message resonating with my customers and primary prospects?
  • Or have I wavered and possibly confused my market?
  • What can I do better to project exactly what my business offers that’s unique and highly valuable?

Have you taken a fresh look at your core message strategy and your current content lately? If not, it pays to do a content “gut-check” and make the most of all your hard work.

Comments? Questions? Please add your thoughts here or email me directly if you prefer.

Here’s to a prosperous pet-business website!


P.S.) I’m extremely proud to be the content writer for MyPetED.com and its pet apps, and I invite you to check them out or even link to them as a great resource for your customers.