Quality content will attract more customers to your pet website

This week Google announced a major crackdown on junky “content farms” — those sites filled with poorly-written articles jammed with search engine keywords… offering nothing to real people looking for real solutions online.

Website Magazine reported on this important event, and gave this advice to website owners and marketers:

“Hire a good writer. This public call for quality content might warrant the hiring of a skilled writer for some businesses. Well-written, compelling content tends to attract links… and mentions… and spread through online communities.

Remember that today’s skilled writer also knows how to create SEO-friendly content.”

So what does this mean if your website is marketing pet products, pet B2B services or veterinary devices?

Let those of us in the pet industry rejoice. High-quality web content rules. (Hooray!)

The quality of your website messages — how they appeal to your target audience and drive results in a non-pushy way — can make a HUGE difference to your pet business.

Clear, helpful, ethical content (aka quality content) has always been my goal for clients, and always will be. That’s why I follow these important developments!

Do you have examples of high-quality websites in the pet industry? Please share them with me. I’d love to hear from you!

Here’s to a prosperous website –

Pam Foster