Promote your pet business with something FUN

Pet owners are certainly an enthusiastic bunch, right? Honestly it doesn’t take much to entertain pet owners and engage with them.

Recently I posted a photo of an adorable Maltese puppy I met at the Jacksonville Airport — added it to my Facebook page, and created quite a flurry of comments.

So why not promote your pet business by offering something fun, entertaining, or out of the ordinary? Here are some pet promotion ideas whether you’re marketing to pet owners, pet businesses or veterinary practices:

  • Use silly dog or cat photos with captions – or invite others to suggest captions. has done just that. And the photos on are just plain cute as heck.
  • Create videos with talking pets, such as my favorite dog YouTube video this week… or videos of pets doing something fun, like this one presented by Friskies to promote their new cat games apps.
  • Create a funny Facebook page identity, like this one for Snausages, or ask questions that prompt fun conversations such as this Facebook fan page for
  • Promote contests that have a fun spin on them, such as funny dog tee shirts to give-away.
  • Use social media to invite customers to post their own funny photos, stories, videos, etc.

I’ve also seen local retail stores set up funny displays, stage demonstrations of fun agility tricks or dog costume parties, and offer other enchanting events that attract pet owners.

It’s easy to grab attention and stand out from all the other pet businesses. Just do something fun that will surprise your audience and perhaps generate big laughs… and more importantly, big sales.

What fun marketing pet tricks have you seen? Please do share!

Until next time,

Here’s to a profitable pet business!

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