Use super footers to help customers find your pet website

It’s a bird… it’s a plane… it’s a Super Footer!!

Don’t want to clutter your website’s home page to explain what your business is all about? Try a super footer. This is a new type of website footer that includes information you don’t necessarily want to include “above the fold” where the sales copy is doing its job to convert visitors into customers.

A super footer is more like the housekeeping section of the page and may include a site map of all your web pages (a listing with links), your address and general contact info, a “blurb” about your pet business, a “sign up for our newsletter” box, or something else.

The super footer content gives you a chance to provide information about your pet business that adds credibility, context and clarity about who you are and what you do for your customers.

Let me show you some super footer examples and explain the smart strategies behind them:

  • Visit and scroll to the bottom. You’ll find a gray section with content beginning with, “Connecting people, pets and vets.” This area explains the mission and unique value behind MyPetED and why you’ll want to sign up for a free membership. It also includes links to key pages on the site. This content is very helpful to visitors who never heard of MyPetED… but even better, it includes search-engine friendly language (keyword phrases) to help with search results.
  • Now visit this non-pet website to see a different kind of super footer. Scroll down to see a site map and a company blurb starting with “Welcome to Downeast Energy.” This footer also includes a Verisign symbol indicating that transactions on this website are secure. Nice.
  • This pet website uses its super footer to include a company description and show endorsements/partnerships with credible sources such as The American Kennel Club. These types of endorsements impress visitors and make them feel more comfortable about doing business here.

Super footers can serve many purposes, but the main one is adding helpful, keyword-friendly content that helps boost traffic. If your pet website is thin on SEO-friendly content, consider adding a super footer.

Until next time, here’s to a prosperous pet website!