Get seasonal with your pet business marketing

Ah, summer. Hot sunny days. Warm balmy nights. Fun for everyone, including pet business owners and marketers.


Because pet owners have seasonal needs that you can solve! Summer brings a mix of joyful outdoor activities with their pets… and also some dangers. For example, seasonal allergies, vacation travel and hot outdoor settings can be tricky for pets.

This means it’s an ideal time for you to market your business with a seasonal slant that meets your customers’ needs.

Let’s look at some examples of seasonal pet business marketing ideas.

  • A colleague of mine told me just the other day that her dogs are starting to shed like crazy. She asked me, “Would you please talk to your pet business folks about seasonal marketing? I would have purchased new brushes and hairball stuff recently since all my animals are shedding all over my house!” I told her, yup – I’ll spread the word. Use your website, email, social media and other marketing to address the seasonal needs of your customers! It’s a great way to engage and offer welcome solutions.
  • Today I received an email from PetLink, an international pet directory and microchipping service that helps reconnect lost pets with their owners. (My pets are microchipped and it’s been extremely useful!) The PetLink email reminded me that outdoor activities increase the risk of pets wandering off… and asked me to make sure my contact information is up-to-date. Good stuff. Find ways to make your seasonal marketing super-specific and relevant in a way that sets you apart from other companies in your category.
  • We all know how dangerous it can be to leave a pet in a hot car… but we may not always think of bringing along hot-weather supplies for our pets, such as cold water, umbrellas for shade and other items. Each season represents a golden opportunity for you to promote solutions that help pet owners keep their animals healthy and happy.

Of course, if you’re adding seasonal content to your website or social media to attract more business, weave in the most relevant keywords people are using during the season. For example, people may be searching with phrases such as, “hot weather dog gear,” “pet car travel,” or “ways to keep cat cool.” This will help make sure you’re found in Google when prospects are searching for your solutions.

What are you doing this season to communicate with your pet or vet customers? Please share ideas with us! Seen a great seasonal campaign? Already planning for fall and the holiday season? Tell us about that too. 🙂

Until next time, here’s to a prosperous pet website!

Pam Foster