3 tips for an amazing pet business website

I recently watched a video where a Google expert talked about quality content and what really stands out when it comes to GREAT sites. He used the words “amazing” and “wow” to describe web content that is truly powerful.

So what does “amazing” and “wow” mean for pet business websites? Or even veterinary websites? In general, it means offer a great visitor experience on every page; something worth sharing.

Here’s my interpretation of 3 things you can do right now to offer your site visitors an amazing experience they’ll want to share:

  • Have a unique personality.
    Refuse to be boring, corporate-sounding, stiff, standard, boilerplate or any of that stuff. Surprise visitors (in a good way) with a voice that speaks directly to each individual in a friendly way while weaving in those important search engine keywords. Better yet, make it fun! Use a pet’s point of view for example, or host a fun contest that gets people talking. Anything to stand out from the same old thing pet owners or other pet marketers see every day. The Kong Toys website is loaded with personality. Not only are their products and images fun and inviting, but their Kong Story is a hoot.
  • Offer a fresh, unique approach to “done a million times” topics.
    Let’s say you want to remind pet owners about the importance of heartworm prevention and help them remember to give their pets a preventative EACH MONTH. Come up with a show-stopper that stays in pet-owners’ minds or sets you apart from all the other sites talking about heartworm. Here’s what one company came up with: a simple reminder pet app. Here’s another amazing pet app that lets you track appointments, schedule reminders, keep vet info handy and more. But that’s just one way to approach it. Brainstorm ideas with your team or ask your customers. Have a contest: What ideas do customers have for reminders? Pick the best one and announce the winner on your site. Even implement it if you can.
  • Complement your messages with eye-catching images people will be compelled to share.
    Many websites have good content but no images to support it. Or they have the standard stock images you see everywhere else. How about asking your customers or clients to post their own images so you have unique photos? Sponsor a photo/caption contest, or hire an illustrator to do something fresh and fun. Get people involved in providing images or art for you. It’s a great way to build your own unique library while keeping people involved with your brand. Check out the hilarious cat photo contest winners presented by the ASPCA.

These are just a few ways to make your pet business website amazing, with a wow-factor that will delight your visitors and keep them coming back.

Which pet websites have you seen that offer great content? Please tell us.

Until then,
Here’s to a prosperous pet website!