Fascinating Facebook Facts for Pet Retail Marketing

This weekend, I was browsing through some pet retail magazines and came across a new report that might interest you. It’s called Strategies for Effective Facebook Wall Posts for the Retail Industry, and it includes a number of fascinating facts that may well be worth considering for your pet business Facebook page, whether you’re marketing pet products or services.

  • Posting 1-4 times a week produces 71% higher user engagement than 5 or more posts for retail brands: quality trumps frequency
  • Posts containing fewer than 80 characters produce 66% higher engagement than longer posts (wow!)
  • Posts containing questions generate more than double the amount of comments, even if they may get fewer “likes,”
  • Top retail sales keywords that produced more user engagement: “$ off” and “coupon” worked best (55% higher user engagement rates); while the words “sale” and “percent off” (or % off) produced the lowest; even posts about offers less than $10 off produce 17% higher engagement than percent-off posts
  • The 2 most effective types of retail brand posts contain a single photo attachment or use only words. Posts containing only words produce 94% higher engagement than avg.
  • Wednesday is the best day to post, although you obviously shouldn’t post ONLY on Wednesday. 🙂
So — what kinds of topics should you post on your pet business Facebook page?
We know that posting sales offers is fine about 20% of the time, but to be a truly valuable Facebook fan page worth following and engaging with, you’ll want to spend 80% of the time posting the type of pet content that’s fun or interesting to follow and share, such as these suggestions:
  • Helpful tips, such as unique pet gift ideas or how to help your pet avoid food hazards
  • Sharing funny stories and photos
  • Asking questions that prompt comments, such as, “What do you give your pets for holiday gifts?” or “What’s on your holiday wish list when it comes to your pet?
  • Amazing facts about pets or pet fans
  • Something new that you uniquely offer in your business
  • Fan recognition and thanks, such as a pet photo contest winner or a new customer’s pet photo
  • Industry trends that relate to your products and services
  • What other pet people are doing to celebrate their pets
  • Unusual findings in a survey or news report
You don’t have to dig too deep to find magnetic topics for your Facebook posts. Have fun with it, be sure to chime in on the comments you generate, and see your engagement (and web traffic) grow!
Until next time, here’s to a prosperous pet business website-