Pet Video of the Year and What It Means to Your Pet Business

As the year 2011 comes to a close, I’d like to cast my vote for the best pet video of the year.

Before I reveal what it is, I’m happy to share some staggering facts with you regarding this video and a few others featuring pets… and then provide some ideas to boost your pet business outlook in 2012.

First, the facts:

  • I first saw this video in May 2011, when it was the number 1 video on YouTube. At that time, it had over 26 million hits and was a viral smash, with unprecedented sharing. I shared it too!
  • 6 months later, its popularity has nearly tripled to 73 million hits (72,825,983 hits as of today,12/9/11)
  • When I went to the movies the other night to see HUGO, an ad came on during the previews, asking movie-goers to shut down their cell phones. The ad featured… you guessed it… this popular YouTube pet video as one of the things people watch on their phones.
Think about the power of this. A single, clever and hilarious pet video has grabbed the attention of nearly 73 million YouTube visitors, a national movie theater chain, a doggie day care in the South, and who knows what else.
Other pet videos have been successful as well. Last month, Purina announced it had signed Mishka, a talking Siberian Husky who rose to fame in YouTube, as its “spokesmodel” for their FortiFlora pet digestion product.
Perhaps a clever pet video can do something exciting for your pet business in 2012.
As you watch my vote for the 2011 Pet Video of the Year, think about the traffic a clever video could bring to your pet-related web site, whether you’re marketing to pet owners, pet businesses or veterinary practices.
People are wild about pet videos. Consider including them in your online marketing strategy for 2012.
Here it is — my favorite video this year: The Ultimate Dog Tease.
Until next time,
Here’s to a profitable website!
Pam Foster