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The Ear Hug Approach to Pet Website Content

OK, there’s really no such thing as an ear hug. Or is there…?

This photo provides clear evidence that ear hugs exist.

Isn’t it sweet? To me, it’s the ultimate image of a warm and loving bond between two best buds.

The Ear Hug Approach to Pet Website Content
Imagine your pet website visitors feeling this welcome when they read your content. Thanks to Jon Payne for the lovely photo of his pups.

So why should you care about ear hugs?

Well, as the owner of a pet or veterinary business website — your mission is to make visitors feel special and welcome so they’ll stick around and do business with you, yes?

What kind of web content helps you do that?

Here are 3 examples of “ear hug” content you can use on your pet or veterinary website:

1. Warm, inviting content

This is content that greets the visitor with a warm, personal message so she feels you’re talking to her… that you know her wishes or concerns.

Something along the lines of, “We know how hard it can be to travel on a long road trip with your pup. Take heart — we’ll help you find pet-friendly hotels, parks and road-side amenities all along the way. Places that greet your pet with the same happy heart your pet has for you!”

Nice, huh? I made this up, but it sure sounds like a wonderful website worth visiting. 🙂

2. Content offering solutions for pet parents or other pet businesses

If your web visitors give you just 3 seconds to look over your messages… are you clearly presenting a great promise about how your products or services can help them?

Sadly, many websites in the pet industry don’t. This includes businesses marketing to pet owners, other pet businesses and even veterinary practices. The content is often “institutional,” focused on the company (not the customer), dull, or worse: confusing.

This isn’t just a pet-industry problem. We all find this in most industries. The majority of websites could use some help in presenting clear, beneficial messages for visitors.

This means you have a nice opportunity to stand out with messages that WOW your visitors looking for the solutions you offer.

Here are a few examples from websites I’ve written:

  • “Support your pet’s well-being 24/7 — Start with free vet advice and your pet’s profile in one trusted spot.” (
  • “An artisan-designed St. Francis Pet ID Tag makes a divine gift for pets and pet lovers” (
  • “Puppy Stairs foam dog steps and pet ramps provide relief for every animal that struggles to get up to a favorite resting place.” (

3. Include photos that showcase the benefits of your solutions. 

This one should be easy! Include authentic photos of pets and customers enjoying your products. Candid photos are fine. In fact, they’re much better than stock images. People love pet photos, and they also enjoy seeing the folks behind your business, so have fun with it.

Be sure to include a caption describing how the pet’s or person’s needs are solved with your help. For example, if you’re a dog groomer, show a happy, well-groomed dog (a real customer!) with a quote from the dog’s mom.

That’s it. 3 easy ways to give your pet website visitors an ear hug so they’ll choose your business over others.

What examples have you seen? Please share them with us.

Until next time, here’s to a prosperous pet website.

Pam Foster