Add Videos to Your Pet Website for Show and Sell Success

The Dog Pacer video page includes great examples of “explainer” pet videos

A couple of months ago, I read an excellent article by Tech Crunch called “The Rise of the Video Explainer.” It talks about the power of using video to provide your prospects and customers with how-to tips, product demonstrations, free tours and more.

Not only is video super powerful in telling your story in ways that grab attention, it makes for great content on your website and in YouTube.

Are you using video on your pet website? If not, it’s easy to jump in — and more customers will thank you for it by doing business with you.

Why’s that? Well, think about this.

Every day, hundreds if not thousands of pet parents are looking online for pet care guidance. Or they’re eager to find solutions that help keep pets happy and healthy.

To illustrate my point, I conducted keyword research using the phrase “how to puppy” to see what topics I could find. The list below includes some of the phrases people are using each month in Google, Bing and other search engines. (The number next to the each phrase is the number of average searches per month.)

  • how to train a puppy: 2903
  • how to train your puppy: 1973
  • how to housebreak a puppy: 916
  • how to draw a puppy: 436
  • how to pick a puppy: 389
  • how to stop puppy biting: 339
  • how to crate train puppy: 142

Clearly, people are looking for help with their puppies!

So if your business can provide video tips on any of these puppy topics… go for it.

If not, I encourage you to create videos that demonstrate the brilliance of your specific products and services. (And yes, I need to create videos for my business too.)

For inspiration in the meantime, check out to see a cool demo video of a dog treadmill I saw in use at BlogPaws 2012. Or contact me if you need help with videos scripts.

Until next time,

Here’s to a prosperous pet website.


Pam Foster

P.S.) On July 26, 2012, C S Wurzberger (my book co-author) and I are being interviewed on the blog radio program at to discuss our guide, Wildly Profitable Marketing for the Pet Industry Watch for details coming soon.