Dog Stroller Website Results in Google

Get More Customers to Stroll Over to Your Pet Website

Dog strollers — they’re everywhere. The airport, the mall, the coffee shop. A neighbor pet owner explained why. “My little dog can’t keep up with me on my long walks. When he gets tired, I plop him in the stroller and keep going.” Aha — I get it!

Here’s why this matters to you.

Does your pet web content speak to your target audience in a way that shows, you “get” it?

By echoing the thoughts of your reader in your content, your website will:

  • Pop up on the Google results page
  • Guide prospects to your site
  • Delight new visitors so they buy from you!

Here’s how it works.

Imagine your potential customer is searching for your product… say, the perfect dog stroller. Her dog just had major surgery. The veterinarian said everything will be fine in a few weeks, but in the meantime, provide plenty of fresh air and don’t stress him out with too much exercise. In fact, use a stroller!

So, she types “pet stroller” into Google. The photo here shows a possible list of pages that may appear. Any of these 4 organic (non-paid) results might prompt her to click on them because the titles and descriptions are relevant to her.

Dog Stroller Website Results in Google
These are the first few listings on Google for the search of “pet stroller”

They don’t say things like, “Pet stroller, dog stroller, cat stroller.” “We’ve been selling pet strollers for 12 years.” That’s boring, right? It doesn’t entice the customer.

Instead, these web-page descriptions include benefits for the customer, such as 15% off, a weather cover, 13 color choices, etc.

It’s easier than you think to get your prospect to click on your search listing and purchase your stroller. Minor changes can achieve huge results. Here are 3 changes to make right now:

  1. Follow through with SEO optimization on EVERY page of your pet website. Marketing Experiments was shocked to discover that only 52% of organizations complete their optimization projects. That means 48% start an SEO strategy, but fade into the back pages of Google because they don’t take time to create inviting, optimized content for EVERY page’s title tag and meta description, which appear in search results.
  2. Create compelling headlines that clearly express your Unique Value Proposition (VP). This VP is the main reason why your prospect will choose YOU over other options. How do you differentiate from your competitors so your products appeal to your customers? That’s your VP. Maybe your dog stroller is the only one that collapses into a carry-on shoulder bag when traveling by air with your pooch. Or it can easily be adapted to tie securely in your car with the seat belt. Happy reunions and safe car travel eases your customer’s mind. Shine a light on your VP by emphasizing how the customer will benefit.
  3. Make it easy for your prospect to convert to a customer. Instead of ordering them to “Buy now!” —  offer a pleasing “Introductory 15% savings” or “A 3-way pet stroller for the price of 1.”  Always include an implied value in your call-to-action.

Genuine concern for solving your customer’s problem will reap seriously great results for you.

Want to explore more options on finding your Unique Value Proposition, or make your page description and call-to-action work better for you? Let’s talk.

Until next time,

Here’s to a prosperous pet website!

Pam Foster