PetCopywriter photo Facebook timeline example

Easter bunny social media success for your pet business

Easter bunny social media success for your pet business

PetCopywriter photo Facebook timeline example
Use your Facebook timeline to post “Easter eggs” your pet business fans will enjoy finding

You’ve probably heard that pet owners spend more time today on social media sites than ever before. And confirms that consumer use of social media has grown 250% in the past two years… so you need to be there.

And yes, it’s true that likeable and easily shared online conversations with your prospects and customers can lead to more business.

But I’m thinking that you’re groaning right now. With so many social networks to choose from, how do you get any traction when you’re trying to hop from one network to the next?

No worries when you take this Easter bunny approach to social media marketing for your pet business.

First, to make the Easter bunny approach work, pick just ONE social network. Don’t try to be everywhere at once!

Start with the most popular social network on the planet: Facebook.

Facebook is likely to be your biggest social network, and it’s easy to get lots of customers and friends to LIKE your posts, talk about them, and share them with others. All you have to do is get the ball rolling (or in this case, the Easter egg).

What do Easter bunnies do? They place bright, colorful eggs (with treats inside) all over the place so lucky people can find them. And when people find these eggs, they’re delighted and want to tell everyone. Right?

Think of your Facebook content as Easter eggs for people to find and share. Here are a few ideas of what those eggs look like.

  • Use lots of fun and engaging visual content.
    ABC Veterinary Hospital gets lots of “Likes.” When you scroll through their Facebook page, you can see how people react to their cute photos of dogs, kittens, and even animal cartoons. There is obvious fun and laughter, along with helpful hints and tips for better pet care. Easy, right? And of course, it’s likely that their fans will call this practice when they need a vet.
  • Ask simple questions to get the conversation going.
    Prehistoric Pets proudly displays their specialty pets with a brief description of what’s going on. But notice that when they ask a question they get even more response! When it’s easy for readers to respond to you, you’ll increase your “Likes” and traffic! You can ask, “Do you travel with your pet?” Or, “What is your dog’s favorite sport?” You may be surprised at the clever ways people interact with their dogs, horses, or reptiles. And that might give you fresh ideas for your next blog topic… which you then can link to your Facebook page.
  • Make good use of your timeline links.Northside Aquatics uses the timeline thumbnails to link to photos, answers about keeping Koi, a map to their store, and upcoming events. You can include contests…maybe a word search puzzle where the winner finds the “secret pet word.” Or, promote a good animal cause. Your imagination is the limit.

There are many Easter bunny ways on Facebook to post colorful eggs that engage customers, draw new traffic to your website, and encourage fans to share posts from your pet business or veterinary practice. All it takes is a sense of fun and a willingness to interact with your visitors.

So hop to it! Sprinkle your Facebook page with Easter eggs right now and see what happens.

Until next time,

Here’s to a prosperous pet website!

Pam Foster