image of sample landing page for pet companies

3 keys to success with pet landing pages versus websites

3 keys to success with pet landing pages versus websites image of sample landing page for pet companies
This is a sample setup for the ideal landing page for pet companies, with a very clear offer, a few strong benefits/reasons to try it, and a very clear call-to-action with an easy form.

Last week, I asked the folks on my PetCopywriter Facebook page if they had any specific questions about pet website success, or promoting a pet business online — something I could talk about in my next blog post.

Katherine chimed in on Facebook and said: “Landing Page guidelines for pet companies.”

Thanks, Katherine! I’m so glad you asked because I see all kinds of mistakes when pet business owners or marketers try to run online ad campaigns and they don’t work. The problem is usually with the landing pages: the ads aren’t driving prospects to the right kind of landing pages.

Let’s fix that right now with my 3 Keys to Success with Pet-Business Landing Pages.

First, a definition. A landing page is not a website. A landing page needs to be a very specific, super-targeted online page created for the sole purpose of fulfilling the promise you presented in your online ad. No distractions allowed!

I created the draft example to show you the 3 keys and explain what they can mean for your success.

Key #1: Answer this question for the reader: “What’s in it for me?”

You want your headline to present a clear, big and appealing PROMISE or OFFER that captures the reader’s attention. This is known as the Value Proposition, and it must be exactly that: something the reader will value. In this example, FREE FIRST VISIT is a very nice offer for pet owners.

Key #2: Include a few brief and very strong benefits that pay off the offer with details.

Help the reader imagine the benefits they get if they respond to your offer. In this example, not only do they get a FREE FIRST VISIT, but they’ll like this practice because it offers same-day service if needed, no traffic hassles, and a very caring staff. These benefits are certainly attractive to most pet owners.

Depending on your landing page mission, you can also include a relevant photo, video or a strong testimonial from a local pet owner to enhance the way your prospects envision themselves receiving your big offer and benefits.

Key #3: Tell them how to get this big offer, and make it very easy with a simple action.

This is the last stage of your messaging: your call-to-action. The example here says “Get your FREE VISIT coupon here — then call us to make an appointment.” It’s very clear, and the form is super-simple. Short, easy forms are proven to increase responses.

IMPORTANT: Make sure there’s no other website navigation to distract from this offer. You’ll have much better success if your landing page is clean, clear, simple and 100% focused on your single offer and how to get it.

These are the major three keys to landing page success. There are finer points we can discuss at another time, but if you follow these three fundamentals to begin with, you should see an improvement in your online ad campaigns. If you have questions about landing pages versus pet website pages, please leave a comment here or contact me.

Until next time,

Here’s to a prosperous pet website!

Pam Foster