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How much should you pay for a good copywriter for your pet or veterinary business?

Okay, I know you were looking for a specific number here…

Let me apologize in advance for giving you a very honest, but perhaps slightly frustrating, answer, which is:

It depends.

Because the truth is, there is no one-size-fits-all answer.

The good news, though, is that I have a list for you below — one that should help you get a better idea of what would be a good investment for you and your pet or veterinary business.

Because really, that’s what a good copywriter is — they’re not just an expense, where you pay a fee and then check a task off your content marketing to-do list…

Instead, a good copywriter is an investment — which means, you should see a return on that investment.

With that in mind, consider the following points:

  • What is your goal in hiring a copywriter?

Is it for copy that is directly related to a specific sales objective?

This might include sales letters, landing pages, emails, and more… maybe even video scripts.

This powerful type of copy goes beyond industry or niche knowledge, and incorporates the principles of direct response marketing, in order to bring you better sales results, and increase your bottom line.

For that reason, writers often charge more for these projects. A short email, for example, may cost more than a long blog post.

The reason for that, is that it’s an investment you can earn back pretty quickly — after all, the copy itself is designed to bring you more profits for your pet business or veterinary practice.

So, even if it’s a little bit more of an investment up front… it will likely be a more immediate, measurable return on investment than certain other types of copy.

And that’s an investment that’s well worth it.

Is it for lead generation – particularly for finding well-qualified leads? Or, for building long-term client relationships through content marketing?

In this case, your copywriter is still a good investment.

That’s because, by hiring someone that can speak directly to your target audience and prospects — not just casting a wide net for “meh” results, but instead focusing on quality over quantity, with targeted marketing efforts…

You increase the odds that the you’ll find well-qualified prospects who will be interested in purchasing your products and services, and in bonding with you and your business over the long-term.

Are you creating a blog because you heard that “content marketing” is all the rage right now?

There’s nothing wrong with that — a good blog can certainly help your business in terms of SEO and building yourself as an authority in the pet or veterinary industry.

The only thing you’ll have to decide is, how much is a good investment for your blog posts…

If you’re serious about results (especially SEO and customer engagement), then this will require enough of an investment for that writer to schedule time to write your blog posts, and still earn a living. So, a $20 “content mill” blog post is very unlikely to get the results you really want.

  • What’s your budget? And does that number change if you get a good return on investment?

In other words – could that writer pay for themselves, in terms of the customers and sales their writing brings you?

Often that’s the case. So, while keeping your budget in mind, be sure to focus on your long-term goals, too.

  • How much time are you willing to invest in communicating with your copywriter?

This number may be larger than you expect, at least at the beginning. But again, it’s a good return on investment…

If you want to work with a good writer over the long-term, it pays to invest some time up front, discussing your company, your goals, and your brand or company personality.

The copywriter will then take that information, and create content that speaks to your audience, for better results and engagement.

Then, once they’re familiar with your company, each subsequent project will be faster and faster, saving you both time in the long run.

For that reason, it pays off to find a writer you like working with, and to communicate clearly up front, for content that’s true to your company’s voice and mission.

  • Want to avoid headaches?

There’s nothing worse than a writer who disappears when the deadline rolls around, or hands in sloppy work!

It’s well worth it to work with a writer who communicates well, meets deadlines, delivers what they promise, and always acts professionally.

To help determine what it will be like to work with a particular writer, check out their reviews and recommendations. And, see how your initial communications go — often, that’s a good indicator of what it will be like to work together.

And usually, it’s worth it to pay more for the writer who will make your life easier, and won’t give you any headaches or fires to put out.

  • Want to save money on advertising?

Some of the SEO copywriting gurus have reported that their clients found more customers by improving their SEO than they did by investing in an expensive AdWords campaign.

For that reason, a copywriter with SEO knowledge is a great investment!

  • Should you outsource or use an in-house writer?

Both of these are perfectly viable options.

In this case, you’ll want to consider how much work your in-house writers already have, and if they have time to take on any new projects.

You might also consider outsourcing a project if you have a special need, such as an SEO makeover of your website, video scripts, white papers, or case studies, for example. Those are all projects that freelance copywriters are commonly hired for.


So while there’s no one-size-fits-all… I hope this gives you a better idea how a good copywriter can be an investment in your pet or veterinary business, who can help you grow your customer base and increase your profits.

Basically, a good copywriter will be part of your team, and have a genuine interest in seeing your company succeed, even if they’re a freelancer rather than an employee.

If you’re interested in learning more about how a copywriter can help you meet your goals, contact me here.