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Easy SEO for veterinary practices: Use FAQ pages to your advantage

To wrap up the ‘easy SEO for veterinary practices’ series, today I’m going to give you a really easy, valuable way to integrate keywords onto your veterinary practice website.


Why is this important?


As a reminder, SEO (search engine optimization) makes it easier for potential clients to find you when they search online. It’s a way to reach clients outside of expensive paid advertising, and one more tool you have to attract your ideal clients via your website.


You may remember that in previous posts, I mentioned there are longer keywords or key phrases out there. Well, you don’t need to know everything about them. But, here’s an easy way to use them for your practice’s website…


Maximize your FAQ page


A lot of businesses don’t put much planning into their FAQ page. It’s almost like an afterthought. However, an FAQ page can actually serve two important purposes:

  1. It’s a great place to instill warmth and personality, to help potential clients get to know a little about your practice culture, even before they bring their pet to see you.
  2. Done correctly, it can score you some serious SEO points, to help new clients find you more easily.


How Does It Work?


Basically, you’ll want to put yourself into the shoes of your potential clients. What do they need for their pets? What questions would they search for on Google?


For example, this may include questions like:

  • What vaccines do kittens need?
  • Do dogs need heartworm prevention year-round?
  • Why does my dog’s breath smell?


Brainstorm a list of some common questions (and check my previous posts for tips on how to search for key phrases like this).


Then, see which questions will work well for your FAQ page. For example…


Q: Which vaccines do kittens need?


A: Because their immune systems are still developing, kittens need a series of vaccines—with boosters generally given a month apart—to help keep them healthy. Based on your kitten’s age, needs, and lifestyle (whether they’re indoor or outdoor), we’ll create a personalized vaccine plan just for them.


Q: Does my dog need heartworm prevention year-round?


A: Heartworms are carried by mosquitoes. Since we see mosquitoes year-round in our climate, your dog will need protection year-round. It’s a good investment in helping them avoid this deadly parasite.


See how that works? You can use the questions that people would type into Google, and insert them directly as questions onto your FAQ page. That way, when local potential clients type in one of these questions, the results may lead them to your practice’s website.


What Now?


With this series of blog posts, you’ve got a few tips to help you give your veterinary practice website an SEO boost!


If you’re looking for further guidance, you can contact me here.


And starting next month, I’ll be talking about a very important marketing tool for 2020: Email newsletters!


Email is one of the most valuable marketing tools around, in terms of return on investment. And, unlike social media, emails aren’t subject to algorithms. That means, your emails won’t get hidden or missed, the way a Facebook post might.


Tune in next month to learn more about how email newsletters can benefit your practice!