Pet or Veterinary marketing ideas

Pet and Veterinary Marketing in AI and Google Nuttiness

Pet or Veterinary marketing ideasLet’s face it. There’s a crazy AI-generated content frenzy going on right now, and Google’s latest algorithms are pretty hard for marketers to keep up with. An SEO colleague said to me the other day: “Google is a mess right now, and writers/site owners are stuck in the crossfire.” OY! Hard to keep up or know what to do next.

However, I’m happy to say there’s great news if you’re charge of marketing for your pet or veterinary industry business.

Lately, I’ve been focusing on 8 super-effective marketing projects where you can win over prospects, close sales, and retain current customers … BUILDING RELATIONSHIPS … without worrying about Google or suffering from AI’s robotic content. These projects all stem from this core marketing truth:

When you make strong, unique promises to your prospects — something that gets them excited where they picture enjoying outcomes they’re looking for — you’ll stand apart and win the business. 

That truth can shine in these projects … they work like crazy when done well:

  • Content Audits and Optimized Updates: Finding message gaps and opportunities to spark more leads and sales
  • Case Studies/Success Stories: Personal interviews that serve as peer-to-peer proof
  • E-newsletters: Valuable news and tips from your company’s unique voice
  • Sales Enablement Materials: Emails, battle cards, one-sheets and more to help your sales team close more sales
  • Sponsored Content/Association Marketing: Unique, stand-out content addressing today’s industry concerns
  • Trade Show Materials: Campaigns that drive booth traffic and generate strong leads
  • Videos: Unique how-to demonstrations, behind-the-scenes, explainers, stories, and more
  • White Papers/Special Reports: Fresh survey findings and leading edge insights that are uniquely yours

I get excited about these projects because they encompass everything that’s great about your business, your stories, your happy customers, and your eager prospects.

I wonder how many of them you’ve tried. Could you use some help to do more or strengthen results? Or know any colleagues who could use help? Let me know what you think by contacting me!

As always, here’s to a prosperous pet industry business –
Pam Foster