Promote your pet business with something FUN

Pet owners are certainly an enthusiastic bunch, right? Honestly it doesn’t take much to entertain pet owners and engage with them.

Recently I posted a photo of an adorable Maltese puppy I met at the Jacksonville Airport — added it to my Facebook page, and created quite a flurry of comments.

So why not promote your pet business by offering something fun, entertaining, or out of the ordinary? Here are some pet promotion ideas whether you’re marketing to pet owners, pet businesses or veterinary practices:

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Is Google May Day affecting your ability to market pet products?

I learned over the past couple of days that a Google algorithm change about 10 days ago has affected all ecommerce websites, especially those using content from manufacturers. This is a big deal if your website is focused on marketing pet products. As of May, 2010, the Google “May Day” Update created a situation where … Read more