Content Marketing Will Be A Huge Pet Industry Trend for 2013

PetCopywriter pet content marketing

PetCopywriter pet content marketingIt looks like 2013 will be a pivotal year in which content marketing is a “must” strategy for pet and veterinary companies, whether you’re marketing pet products or your business is a pet or veterinary industry supplier.

According to B2B Content Marketing: 2013 Benchmarks, Budgets and Trends,* which surveyed more than 1,400 North American business-to-business service and supply companies of various sizes and industries, marketers are counting on content marketing to help them achieve their major business goals.

They’re recognizing that a competitive marketing strategy must include a steady stream of highly useful content to boost brand awareness, customer acquisitions, lead generation, customer retention, loyalty, competitive positioning and more… while also increasing website traffic.

To illustrate this point, here are just a few statistics from the report:

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3 Blog Topic Ideas for Marketing Your Pet Business

By now you may know that a pet business blog can be a very powerful way to add fresh content to your website and bring more customers to you via the search engines.

But “Blogger’s Block” (What do I write about this week?) is very common. Therefore I’m happy to provide you with some blog topic ideas to use for marketing your pet business or veterinary practice.

As you consider using these topics, have fun working them into a relevant angle for the pet services or products you provide. I have a few suggestions to help you tie these ideas to your unique offering.

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Must Love Blogs for marketing your pet business

If you’re frustrated with your pet business website and you’re thinking, “What can I do to bring in more traffic and sales?” — consider the blog.

In spite of the explosive social networking platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube and others, blogs are still extremely helpful for attracting customers via the search engines.

Here’s proof. A client I now work with was unhappy with his search engine rankings for certain important phrases related to his services for pet professionals. Simply put, he was upset that, “My ideal prospects aren’t finding my website.”

So we started blogging tips about his pet-business services, and just after 6 blog posts — voila! The blog appeared on page one, second spot in Google results. Not bad for just 6 posts.

Is this a fluke? No way! I’m getting the same results for THIS blog, and many of the blog experts I follow are enjoying similar results or better.

Consider these 3 reasons why blogging is a fantastic strategy, whether you’re marketing to pet owners or other pet businesses:

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Pet Video of the Year and What It Means to Your Pet Business

As the year 2011 comes to a close, I’d like to cast my vote for the best pet video of the year.

Before I reveal what it is, I’m happy to share some staggering facts with you regarding this video and a few others featuring pets… and then provide some ideas to boost your pet business outlook in 2012.

First, the facts:

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Original content ideas for marketing to pet owners

Today I was on a conference call with Heather Lloyd Martin, SEO Copywriting pioneer, mentor and friend of mine. She was talking about some of the things that are critical to web success today and I immediately thought of how these tips can be applied to your pet marketing strategies or pet SEO success (of … Read more

Promote your pet business with something FUN

Pet owners are certainly an enthusiastic bunch, right? Honestly it doesn’t take much to entertain pet owners and engage with them.

Recently I posted a photo of an adorable Maltese puppy I met at the Jacksonville Airport — added it to my Facebook page, and created quite a flurry of comments.

So why not promote your pet business by offering something fun, entertaining, or out of the ordinary? Here are some pet promotion ideas whether you’re marketing to pet owners, pet businesses or veterinary practices:

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How to know exactly what your pet business customers want

Ah, the web. It’s a fantastic tool for market research. Through social media, online news sources, blogs and more, you can find a ton of useful information about your customers and their biggest desires or problems you can solve through your business. Then you can turn that insight into powerful web content that lets visitors know, “Wow, you really get me!”

Here are 3 ways to use the web for quick, free market research… whether you’re marketing to pet owners, other pet companies, or veterinary practices:

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What makes the MyPetED fan page and pets apps popular

If you’re trying to determine how to tap into the hearts and minds of pet owners, pet businesses and the media, consider the successful approach that MyPetED has taken.

MyPetED is all about helping pet owners keep their pets healthy and happy at all times.

Everything MyPetED does is focused on that main goal… from their core website to their Facebook Fan Page (4,097 fans in just 6 weeks) to last Friday’s launch of their pet apps for the iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

Their message is clear and consistent across all channels: MyPetED helps you support your pet’s well-being 24/7 with access to important pet and vet info… online and on the go.

A clear, beneficial, consistent and audience-focused message is a major key to audience engagement and lasting success, whether you’re marketing to pet owners, pet businesses, pet-product manufacturers or veterinary practices.

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An important message about marketing pet products

New numbers from the February 2011 issue of DELIVER magazine, published by the U.S. Postal Service, point to a very healthy pet economy. Here are just a few indicators of a strong pet industry (printed by the USPS from various sources):

  • Millions of families have pets: 62% of American households own a pet! (Wow)
  • Millions of pet owners have the income to spend on pet products: 30% of pet supply-buying households have an income of $100K+, and another 20% have  incomes between $50K and $74K.
  • Consider the ramifications of this in pet-food purchases alone: $10,377 is spent on dog and cat food during a pet’s lifetime (U.S.). Canada is next at $8,038.

So how can you get more of that market share for your pet business? How can you stand out in the cluttered marketplace and attract more customers?

There’s no single, simple answer to these questions. But it’s clear that all pet businesses have an exciting opportunity to grow in this healthy climate.

Today I offer this suggestion to help you stand back and take a fresh look at your pet business messages:

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