Simple steps for easy pet business content marketing in 2013

Pet Marketing Calendar Template

Did January slip by before you created your pet marketing strategies to engage prospects with content, such as blog posts, news items, Facebook posts and so on? Well, it’s not too late!

You may be thinking, “Ugh. Something else I have to plan out.” But you can keep it easy with an editorial calendar that helps you schedule your content and avoid writer’s block. All you need to do is this:

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Best Days to Publish Pet or Vet Marketing Content

Breaking news from social sharing widget Shareaholic: “Thursdays are by far the best days to post content that will be shared on social networks, especially between 8 a.m. and 12 p.m. ET.” This is what Shareaholic discovered when it reviewed its 2011 metrics for content that yielded the most traffic and social shares, as reported … Read more