Periodically test all the hyperlinks on your pet web pages

  One of my pet-industry colleagues suggested that I write about this common problem with websites: misguided hyperlinks. A misguided hyperlink is either a broken link because it takes your site visitor to an error page, or it’s a useless link because it lands on a page that makes no sense to your prospect. Everyone’s … Read more

Test your pet website content to improve its performance

Every day, I run into marketers who believe their website work is “done” once they launch a new or updated page. They’re so busy, it’s easier for them to cross “update website” off their list and move on to another task. But leaving a website alone can be costly. Why’s that? Because how will you … Read more

Wow your pet website visitors with verbs

This pet Web-SEO tip is about the wonderful world of VERBS. You know, those action-oriented words that help a website visitor picture himself solving a need, achieving a goal, eliminating a problem, saving money or finding relief? Clear, persuasive content is all about helping your site visitors do these things: solve, achieve, eliminate, save, find … Read more

Commit to content clarity on EVERY page of your pet website

The other day, I received an entertaining piece of mail from a credit card company. Due to recent legislation, credit card issuers are now being forced to make a “Clarity Commitment™” regarding their credit card account summaries; promising to offer consumers “a clear and straightforward description of their credit card rates and fees.” Hopefully this … Read more

Use active words to generate more action on your pet website

Did you know that you can instantly improve your online sales results by replacing passive words on your website with clear active words? It’s true, and I’ll give you 3 reasons why. 1. Active words propel your prospects toward the steps you want them to take. Consider how the active phrase “Read this information now … Read more