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Tidy up your pet or veterinary website, to make it more effective

Maybe you’ve caught on to the new tidying craze brought on by Marie Kondo, a Japanese consultant on decluttering and organization… and her hit show on Netflix. I bought her book a few years ago, and I loved it! And while I never fully worked my way through the entire method… I found that even…

Quality Content Defined for Pet Internet Marketing

With the mission of helping you keep up with the challenging world of search engine optimization (SEO) and how pet web content works best today, I try to follow the latest guidelines, trends and events that make a big difference in search results.

Finding quality websites for searchers has always been the goal of Google and other search engines. But just what does “quality” mean?

Last year, several strides were taken to clamp down on “thin” pages that offered very little information, keyword-stuffed articles that offered nothing of value, and duplicate content you can find on dozens if not hundreds of websites. So one definition of quality has been “original, useful and highly relevant content,” which I talk about a lot.

Today I read this new definition of quality, and it helps clarify things for us further, to a point.

According to Google, “High quality content is content you can send to your child to learn something.”


Here’s how I interpret that for pet-industry marketers, whether you’re marketing pet products, pet services, veterinary care, pet business consulting or anything else related to this industry.

Important new report about marketing pet products and services online

Let’s face it: on any given day, anyone can see how your online pet company is performing in search rankings. Web traffic and online sales are easily measured, and your site’s success ultimately rests on you. So – it’s time to ask yourself these questions about your business: 1. Does your pet website consistently beat…

Beware of a web content pet peeve that may turn your visitors away in droves

Have you read the fantastic book, The New Rules of Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott? It’s definitely worth reading if you have an interest in improving your website content and online marketing results. One of my favorite sections of the book features David’s disdain for websites that use meaningless, cliche, corporate-y phrases that…

Another testimonial tip for pet internet marketing: follow FTC Guides

One of my web clients asked me the other day, “Do I need to remove the wonderful testimonials from my website so I’m compliant with the new FTC Guides?” Well, that’s a good question. Last fall’s release of the updated FTC’s Guides Concerning the Use of Endorsements and Testimonials in Advertising were designed to crack…

Best practices for powerful testimonials when marketing your pet business

Know the best practices for testimonials that make your web content sing! There’s no doubt about it. Testimonials can play a powerful web-content supporting role in establishing credibility for your business, helping prospects envision themselves enjoying the outcome of your products and/or services… AND optimizing your site for search engines if keywords are included. The…

Pet internet marketing strategy: place important web content above the fold

Gotta love Jakob Nielsen, the king of website usability and owner of the world-famous Nielsen Norman Group. He recently posted a highly informative and useful article about web content, scrolling pages, visitor attention, and the importance of having critical content “above the fold” (the first screen people see when landing on a web page). Before…